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Stop a DCFS/CPS/SSA Investigation

There is no investigation more serious than one that could indefinitely place your children in state custody or foster care.

Attorney Lauren K Johnson’s area of expertise is stopping a CPS investigation in its tracks. When a client contact her early in a case, Ms. Johnson can counsel her client in regards to approaching a CPS investigation and defends clients vigorously to avoid a substantiated allegation, petitions against parents, and, ultimately, removal of your child from your custody and your home. Defense Lawyer Lauren K. Johnson has more than 7 years of hands-on experience representing parents accused of neglect, abuse, and other allegations brought forth by Child Protective Services in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County. Ms. Johnson’s thorough knowledge of both the trial court and potential issues on appeal make her a better advocate for your case than attorneys who only practice either in the court or on appeal.

A social worker is charged with investigation of allegations of abuse or neglect and is required to make sure a child who is the subject of a referral is safe in the parent’s care. A parent may find a business card on their door or receive a message from a social worker requesting an interview. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to handle this situation and if you have received either action, you should contact this office immediately before proceeding.

Many parents assume they can talk their way out of an investigation, unaware of what the social worker is even looking for. Some parents simply flunk the “attitude test,” and can wind up with an investigation moving into a dependency court filing because they did not know how to handle the interview. Some parents refuse all contact and in some cases this may not be the advised approach. Each case and family is different and needs to be advised differently by an experienced attorney.

If a representative of an investigative agency has contacted you, call our office immediately!

Ms. Johnson works with families to evaluate their best course of action to determine whether a parent should ever meet with a social worker and how to approach the situation. Ms. Johnson is available for a phone or in-office consultation on short notice at her hourly rate to advise you before you proceed. Ms. Johnson will meet with clients and social workers together where permitted. Ms. Johnson has been able to stop many investigations early to keep children at home and CPS out of families’ lives. She also has kept many clients off of the Child Abuse Central Index.

Don’t wait until it is too late. As soon as you are contacted by CPS, contact us right away. Do not attempt to meet with a social worker or allow a social worker into your home without first discussing your case with experienced counsel. Social workers are not required to read you your Miranda Rights, or advise you of your right to representation by an experienced attorney in Orange County. Our unique approach has stopped many investigations before allegations could be filed against parents and we encourage you to discuss your specific facts with our expert attorney right away to find the best solution to your pending case.

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