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Johnson Criminal Law Group Reviews

The Johnson Criminal Law Group has defended many people who have found themselves in tough situations. You can find some of the Johnson Criminal Law Group reviews from some of those very people. Utilize these reviews to ensure this law group is right for you.

Ms. Johnson-Norris was ABSOLUTELY amazing. She took the time to listen to me, was very understanding with my situation, guided me through the whole process the entire way. She went to court for me so i didn't have to miss work as well which was a huge help especially as a single mother. I was initially overwhelmed with fear and anxiety not knowing anything about how the legal system works and what I was facing for my hit and run. Ms. Johnson-Norris took care of everything for me and was able to help me fight my case and keep me out of jail ! I now am able to live each day without fear of losing everything, going to jail and being away from my children. I will recommend Ms. Johnson-Norris to anyone seeking an amazing attorney who truly cares about their clients. THANK YOU Ms. Johnson-Norris !
- R. D.

Thank you for taking care of [anonymous], for welcoming Us and makes us fell confident and positive.
All of you Ladies ROCK !
People at court yesterday came to us and say congratulations and we're happy for [anonymous], they also said they heard [anonymous] talking with us and said that she is a good one.
[anonymous] was amazing and she cared about everything.
Each of you did what you are good at!
Our Family is Grateful
- S.J.

The Johnson Law Group handled a very important and delicate matter with professionalism and a caring manner. Attorneys were knowledgeable, in communications, and provided a top notch service to my need. I highly recommend the Johnson Law Group for your important legal issues.
- Hardy Jr.

You will always be safe knowing that your lawyer is on your team

Researched a few law firms, but in the end, decided to go with Ms. Johnson-Norris because she was very clear with the process from start to finish. Ms. Johnson-Norris and team were great on communication and answered emails and returned calls very fast. Ms. Johnson-Norris did a great job behind the scenes and the outcome of the case showed that Ms. Johnson-Norris knows the process and how to get things done correctly. As long as you stick with this very important rule, you will always be safe knowing that your lawyer is on your team. Do NOT EVER talk to the police, under any circumstance. They do not have any say whether you're innocent or guilty. Your lawyer will fight to prove your case, not the arresting officer. "Anything you say CAN and WILL be used AGAINST you in a court of law."
- Paul E.

Warrant recall mandatory dui class proof

Ms. Johnson-Norris was reassuring and instilled confidence in me that she would take care of an outstanding warrant for failure to register for court ordered alcohol class (which I had already completed). I'm an out of state individual living in Las Vegas and needed an attorney who knew the Orange County Ca. Courts. Ms. Johnson-Norris assured me she would get my case On the calendar, provide my proof of Completion of the court ordered alcohol class and most importantly quash the warrant. She did all three in less than a couple of weeks even with the court schedule so impacted from Covid-19. She helped get this nightmare finished, and I can now look forward. I must say Ms. Johnson-Norris was the ultimate professional, as were her office support, specifically Katherine Garcia, who took care of all the administrative and paralegal work needed. I would recommend Ms. Johnson-Norris to anyone who wants their legal issues solved quickly and efficiently while keeping her clients remain stress free knowing she has their best interest in mind ! Thank you Ms. Johnson-Norris! And thanks Johnson Criminal Law Group! Sincerely,
- Kevin E.

Restraining Order

This law firm was the best. It had been a long long time since I needed an attorney for anything. Ms. Johnson-Norris and Katherine Gracias were very compassionate to understanding my side of the story. They made me feel comfortable and that I was in the best hands possible without actually saying it. As it goes with criminal defense lawyers once the case is over you hope you don't need them again but if I did I would not hesitate to call them. Would definitely recommend them to family and friends.
- Matthew D.

I just wanted to thank you and everyone else there that worked on my situation

I was at a very low of lows there for a while and I know I was an erratic mess. You all stayed patient with me and helped me through it and achieved the desired result. I can't thank you all enough. I'm doing very well now and have a great job in my old industry. You all helped that be possible.
- A bench warrant recall client

He really showed dedication to my case & I appreciate it very much

My attorney was Samir S. Belani. It was over a hit & run accident that happened. Samir was ready to assist no matter how much time it was going to take. He really showed dedication to my case & I appreciate it very much. He didn't give up he continued to fight for me. I would recommend this law firm to my family and friends. If I ever had to get another attorney, I would definitely return to Johnson Criminal Law Group.
- Anthony Fuller

Very professional and knowledgeable attorney

I had previous DUI conviction from a few years back. Was arrested for being drunk and waiting for my Uber ride next to the night club. Since I was still on probation my case was fairly hard. Samir gave me honest prediction however he was able to have my case dropped. Very professional and knowledgeable attorney. Most definitely recommend
- Anonymous

Ms. Johnson-Norris was very understanding. She was very competent and obviously knew how to work the procedures on my behalf

I found Ms. Johnson-Norris on the internet, just like you. After an initial consult, Ms. Johnson-Norris represented me on a 27 year old failure to appear warrant which had weighed heavily on me for many years. I had turned my life around an needed to clear this up to move on with my life.
Ms. Johnson-Norris was very understanding. She was very competent and obviously knew how to work the procedures on my behalf. She worked with my timetable for court, as I live in Kentucky. She was able to negotiate my warrant being dropped and got my felony from 1989 dropped to a misdemeanor. I recently took a vacation with my daughter in California, and was relieved to not have this over my shoulder as it had for 25+ years.
- Chris B

I highly recommend Johnson criminal law very professional and they give it their best effort to get job done

I just got out of court and judge granted early termination of probation and expungement at the same time all with the help of Mr. Samir Belani he did a tremendous job I would also like to thank paralegal Katherine Gracia for all her help and for always returning back my emails and phone calls I highly recommend Johnson criminal law very professional and they give it their best effort to get job done thank you
- Agustin Vargas Silva Jr

Thank you from me and my family!

One of the most humbling and embarrassing experiences of my life finally came to a close today. All thanks to Lauren Johnson-Norris and her excellent abilities as a defense attorney and her kindhearted nature during a difficult time. Ms. Johnson-Norris and her staff exercised every opportunity in my defense and their communication throughout the entire process was second to none. I now find myself very thankful for the opportunity to work with Ms. Johnson-Norris and I sincerely appreciate all professionalism and courtesies that her and her staff extended to me. Thank you from me and my family!
- Dan Pinch

My case could have permitted a negative record would attach to me for life! And I was scared!!!

But after meeting Ms. Johnson-Norris and hiring her, I was relieved of my stress and my case was resolved in my favor. Absolutely a professional lawyer and person! Can't thank her enough!!!
- Mr. K

We hired Ms. Lauren Johnson-Norris to handle a Child Protective Services investigation.

We were eager to understand the process involved, our rights, and what our legal obligations were. She was able to meet with us right away to explain what was going on and to give legal advice. She made the process clear and helped develop a plan of action to help us prepare for our CPS interview. Ms. Johnson-Norris was thorough, smart, and attentive and we felt very comfortable in her hands. We would definitely recommend her to family and friends.
- Ms. A

Thank you Ms. Johnson-Norris for your help and support in a very scary, bad time in my life!

You were a ray of sunshine in a very dark place. I didn't have to step foot in a court room once, Ms. Johnson-Norris was there for me. Always kept me up to date and informed of the progress of my case, was able to work out a very good deal with the courts. If you need a great attorney that will work for you and with you, then I would highly recommend you hire Lauren Johnson-Norris!
- Ms. B

"The Attorney you want in your corner to represent and advocate for you!!!"

I researched a lot of attorneys and had met with two attorneys before speaking with Ms. Johnson-Norris and retaining her. I was facing serious charges that could not be on my record, due to my job and was really scared. I felt hopeless & thought my life was ruined...until I found Ms. Johnson-Norris. I e-mailed her directly and she personally returned my call promptly and discussed my situation over the phone. Ms. Johnson-Norris also took the time out to consult with me in person, and met with me early in the morning (to accommodate my work schedule). Ms. Johnson-Norris is compassionate and sensitive to her clients but also assertive in Court through her negotiating skills and gets results. Some defense attorneys take your money and do the bare minimum (i.e. what a public defender would do), but Ms. Johnson-Norris was diligent in getting the best results for me. While my case wasn't the crime of the century, Ms. Johnson-Norris fought for me, like it was. There were things I needed to do to help my case that I didn't want to do, and Ms. Johnson-Norris pushed me to do them. At times when I wanted to give up, Ms. Johnson-Norris encouraged me to follow through with what I needed to do. Ms. Johnson-Norris went above and beyond the call of duty for me and knew how to walk the fine line of being stern when I needed it and understanding when I was struggling. I highly recommend her as counsel in any situation where representation is needed and referred a friend to her because of how good she is. She's smart, effective and truly cares about her client's best interest.
- A criminal defense client (drug case)

Powerful and Smart

"She is on Point. She knows Her Field Well. I Have to Give Credit where Credit is Due, You Deserve it Lauren Johnson-Norris. While Preparing for My Court Hearing, with a Possible Felony Charge Hanging against Me the Victim, I had to keep-up Faith. I did Much Research as I Sought Out for a Super Attorney. I Felt a Vibe In Lauren Johnson-Norris' Bio/Profile While Searching On-line. I Checked Out Her Previous Cases in Regards to Domestic Violence, She has Experience. I put My Faith In God 1st, Secondly, I put My Trust in Lauren Johnson-Norris, OMG, did She ever Deliver? Yes Indeed!! She is Top-notch without a Doubt. I'm a Real Post Client, If You Believe In My Testimony and if You are an Innocent Victim Pending A Domestic Violence Case, get on-board with One of the Best. Defense Attorney Lauren Johnson-Norris, She Will Set You Free for a Fee that's Worth Every Dollar. To Lauren Johnson-Norris, Thank You!!!"
- Anonymous, Victim of Domestic Violence

Lauren Johnson-Norris was my saving grace

"Lauren Johnson-Norris was my saving grace. I naively thought you were innocent until proven guilty. However, I soon discovered that CPS and family court does not see things that way. The public defenders are overloaded with too many cases to offer you the assistance you definitely need to navigate this arena. Your best bet for your children and family is to hire a good attorney, and Lauren Johnson-Norris is one of the best. If I had not hired Ms. Johnson-Norris I would still be in the CPS nightmare and struggling to defend myself and my family. My only regret is that I wasn't aware of all this and hire Ms. Johnson-Norris from the start."
- Mrs. G, a CPS client

We would recommend Ms. Johnson-Norris without reservation!

My husband and I retained Ms. Johnson-Norris' services to petition for a misdemeanor charge to be expunged from his record. We live in Florida and had to manuver through this process at a distance. Despite the distance, Ms. Johnson-Norris or her staff kept us informed of the status of the case as it progressed and more importantly got his record expunged. We were so excited to not have this record following him aroung any longer. We would recommend Ms. Johnson-Norris without reservation!
- A.M.

I would absolutely refer her to friends and family

"I was a client of Ms. Johnson-Norris accused of criminal Hit and Run. I was very skeptical about hiring an attorney and briefly entertained trying to handle this myself with the little bit of information I gathered from the web, what a huge mistake that would have been. The process was so much more complicated than I could have imagined and Ms. Johnson-Norris patiently answered all of my numerous questions all throughout the process, promptly returned my calls & emails. I did call several other attorneys prior to retaining her and her rates were competitive and by far most importantly she produced the most favorable outcome possible in my opinion. I would absolutely refer her to friends and family and I hope to not need it, but her number is stored in my phone. I had only one regret throughout my experience and that was before I had spoken with anyone regarding this matter I should have called Ms. Johnson-Norris. I am very grateful to Ms. Johnson-Norris and her staff."
- Mr. S,. "A Very Satisfied Client."

Thank you Ms. Johnson-Norris for your help and support in a very scary, bad time in my life!

"Thank you Ms. Johnson-Norris for your help and support in a very scary, bad time in my life! You were a ray of sunshine in a very dark place. I didn't have to step foot in a court room once, Ms. Johnson-Norris was there for me. Always kept me up to date and informed of the progress of my case, was able to work out a very good deal with the courts. If you need a great attorney that will work for you and with you, then I would highly recommend you hire Lauren Johnson-Norris!"
- JB A criminal client


"Lauren Johnson-Norris changed my life and my family's in September 2014. I was a troubled young girl with some convictions on my record from my early adult life. I have grown older and changed my life but my past kept rearing it's ugly head. I started researching expungement and found Ms. Johnson-Norris and I am so glad I did. She treated me like a person and as I told her about myself she really engaged in my situation and I felt I was not some number to her but a real person. She expunged 2 felonies I had and 1 of them the courts did not want to expunge but Ms. Johnson-Norris would not take no for an answer and fought for me! She always kept me posted on what was going on. I believe God led me to her. She is very talented and knows what she is doing. She is extremely professional and is not only after your money. She has a heart under her tough Lawyer position that she does so well. She cleared my record and gave me hope for my future, my husband's and my son! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER. If you had a rough past and are trying to change your life..go see Ms. Johnson-Norris, she knows what she is doing."
- AM A criminal client

Thank her not only for her professional help but for her emotional and sympathetic support.

"I take this opportunity to thank Ms. Johnson-Norris specially for all her help during this difficult time, because when we did not see the end of the tunnel, she helped us and walked us thru the exit. Thank her not only for her professional help but for her emotional and sympathetic support. God bless her."
- Parent of a juvenile crimes client

I really appreciate everything that she has done for me, I can not thank her enough!

Mrs. Johnson did an absolutely thorough job by answering any and all questions that I had. She called me with updates and preferences on how I should be handling the case which made the whole process very assuring. The staff was very up to date with all of the follow up information that was involved with my case that was also extremely beneficial. Ms. Johnson-Norris had a very reassuring aspect about her that made it very easy to let her handle the case. If anything were to go wrong with anyone I am associated with, she will be the lawyer of choice. I really appreciate everything that she has done for me, I can not thank her enough!
- Mr. D, a criminal defense client

She gave me peace of mind in some bad times

Ms. Johnson-Norris was recommended to me by many sources. She was the perfect fit, financially and professionally. I did what she told me to do to get the best possible resolution and it definitely paid off. I would recommend Lauren Johnson-Norris to anyone and am truly grateful for her services. She gave me peace of mind in some bad times. Thanks, Ms. Johnson-Norris!
- A client charged with an alcohol-related misdemeanor

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thank you so much for all your help with our case. It was a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate all you've done for my family. You are the best attorney that we could have and we are so grateful that we met you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- A juvenile delinquency client's parent

Ms. Johnson-Norris always made me feel confortable

Ms. Johnson-Norris always made me feel confortable and confident. I was able to trust her and feel at ease very quickly. I felt like she always on top of things and she left no questions unanswered and made that stressful time much easier for me.
- E.K.

The Lawyer you want, and need

Ms. Johnson-Norris, is the absolute definition of an attorney. She not only helped me with my petty theft case, but she gave me peace of mind during these difficult times. The reason I would recommend Ms. Johnson-Norris is much more then just, "she gets the job done," rather, she works for you and gets results by taking the burden off you! I want to thank her for her time, and encourage anyone who needs help, to look to her for answers.
- Nicole

Thank you Ms. Johnson-Norris! ...for everything

I would highly recommend Ms. Johnson-Norris. She and her staff were knowledgeable, very personable and sensitive to my personal situation. They kept me informed at every turn and were easily contacted whenever I had a question or concern. Additionally, Ms. Johnson-Norris successfully attained what I felt was a a favorable outcome. She provided me with approachability and results, enabling me to move on and put the past behind me. Thank you Ms. Johnson-Norris! ...for everything, especially a hugh sigh of relief!
- A Criminal Defense Client

The best there is!

I hired Lauren Johnson-Norris when social services showed up at my door asking questions after my husband and I got into an argument. I didn't understand why they were there and everything was so overblown. They threatened to put my kids in foster care. Ms. Johnson-Norris created a plan to keep my family together, to keep us all safe and to help us get out of the system quickly. She was compassionate and as smart as can be. Her fees were reasonable, I could always get her on the phone and it was such a relief to know that she was on our side. If you or your family ever run into trouble with social services, I strongly recommend calling her. I am so thankful.
- A Juvenile Client

Excellent Counsel

Ms. Johnson-Norris represented my wife and me in a motion for relative placement of our grandchild. This was part of a nightmarish case involving the SSA, a corrupt and broken system rife with cronyism, ineptitude and conflicts of interest. Ms. Johnson-Norris was recommended to us as an expert in this area and we are so grateful to her for how she helped us.
In my career I'm experienced in dealing with attorneys in commercial and civil issues but dependency court is a bizarre world where normal rules and rights do not apply. In OC it is a closed system filled with bias and outsiders are at a disadvantage. Ms. Johnson-Norris is highly respected in this world and highly effective. She is always professional, an excellent communicator who never failed to promptly return calls and emails as we passed through this valley of terror. She was there always with thoughtful, intelligent, reasonable and realistic counsel. She continues to guide, represent and help us as things wrap up.
I can't recommend her highly enough. She is highly credible and experienced in this area of law and there are not many who are. We are so glad she represented us.
Her guidance and insight were invaluable to our family and her teaming with the other counsel for our family was highly effective.
- A Juvenile/Child Custody client

Extremely knowledgeable in Dependency Court.

Lauren Johnson-Norris is extremely knowledgeable in Family court. She communicates with you as a client and is realistic in your options and outcomes. She helped us get our kids returned to us and sort through the maze of dependency court and social services.
- Karen I., a Juvenile client

Excellent attorney. Highly recommeded.

Ms. Johnson-Norris is an aggressive, professional and effective attorney. Thank you for your legal assistance. Her follow through is to be commended and she always returns phone calls and quickly replies to email. The outcome would not have been the same without Ms. Johnson-Norris as my attorney. I would highly recommend Ms. Johnson-Norris to friends and family in need of legal advice. Thank you!
- MB, a Family client


Ms. Johnson-Norris has been a "guardian angel" in our case from the first second we spoke. She's dedicated such intense time and detail into making sure everything is handled perfectly. Our case has not been finished (yet), and we're just in the initial stages, but we are already extremely confident in her abilities. Our case is extremely sensitive in nature, but Ms. Johnson-Norris has shown compassion, composure and extensive knowledge - which is always super comforting. I can say with certainty that Ms. Johnson-Norris will handle our legal needs from the beginning to the end.
Also, Ms. Johnson-Norris is really easy to get a hold of. She returns phone calls and/or emails very quickly, which is also a very comforting factor, and something I wanted to point out about her.
- Jill, a Juvenile client

Lauren Johnson-Norris was a great representative

Lauren Johnson-Norris was not only responsive she was compassionate and reasonably price. I would highly recommend her. She negotiated with the district attorney and brought the case to a win/win.
- Shannon, a Criminal Defense client


Lauren Johnson-Norris was amazing. She explained everything in ways that were easily understood, & answered all of my question. She was respectful, but also open & honest. She started work on my case the first day we met & got results quickly. She demonstrated passion, concern, and showed true feeling for my situation. My expectations were greatly exceeded. I would say she has an incredible attention for detail, & has a real dedication to her work.
Lauren Johnson-Norris would be my first recommendation to any of my family or friends similarly in need of legal assistance.
- Heather, a Juvenile client

Effective action on a juvenile criminal charge

Ms. Johnson-Norris was very effective in dealing with a juvenile criminal charge, getting it routed to a diversion program, minimizing court appearances, and being supportive to both my son and I.
- Keith, a Juvenile client