Juvenile Crimes

The Johnson Criminal Law Group recognizes that juvenile delinquency law is a specialized area of the law that requires an experienced juvenile crimes attorney. Juvenile delinquency courts apply the Welfare and Institutions Code section 602 and the California Penal Code. Children and young adults in this system are uniquely situated because they are charged with criminal conduct but lack the maturity to be treated like adults in most cases. Lauren K Johnson knows that parents whose children commit acts that lead to juvenile charges are extremely concerned about their children and the potential consequences of their juvenile cases.

At the Johnson Criminal Law Group, our primary goal is to protect your child's future including their record, their ability to go to college and obtain financial aid, their ability to drive, and their liberty. We believe parents are usually in the best position to set consequences when kids exercise bad judgment. Sometimes parents need assistance and we help families connect with resources, therapists, treatment providers, and other assistance to help get the young person back on track. Our goal is to help parents keep kids out of "the system."

Juvenile delinquency attorney Lauren K Johnson represents minors in juvenile delinquency cases with passion and determination. Ms. Johnson has effectively negotiated the dismissal of numerous cases on behalf of minors and has successfully litigated cases on behalf of minors with even the most serious charges. Juvenile delinquency law is specialized and requires a keen understanding of the system. Orange County juvenile delinquency attorney Lauren K Johnson recognizes that young people need an aggressive advocate working on their side who understands that minors have different needs than adults facing criminal charges. Ms. Johnson knows that some juvenile adjudications can affect a person for life and must be avoided at all costs. Orange County juvenile delinquency attorney passionately and creatively has kept many young adults out of the juvenile delinquency system through fierce advocacy. Ms. Johnson also strives to empower young adults and families to avoid the juvenile delinquency system. Orange county juvenile delinquency attorney has mentored youth in Orange County through non-profit organizations for years and has been recognized as an advocate for youth at-risk in the community.

Many parents contact the Johnson Criminal Law Group when the police have contacted them or their child. We take over from there and we will attempt to divert the case from the system, will fight the case in court, will or negotiate the best resolution. Each case is evaluated on its own merits and our attorneys and staff spend time with kids and their parents to make sure the juvenile's rights are protected, the best strategies are employed, and families make the best choices. Many of our cases involve petty and grand theft, juvenile DUI, and drug possession and sale. We also can assist clients in cases where the charges are the most serious: including allegations of sexual abuse, gang activity, residential burglary, and violence. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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