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Case Results

Below are examples of outstanding results we have obtained for our clients in the past year.

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Mrs. M was accused of domestic violent for throwing objects and the alleged victim accidentally cut his hand on glass. DA refused to file after our office intervened. Client went on to be a therapist.

Mr. R. was accused of serious Domestic Violence. Video evidence showed he was the victim of the assault by his drunk partner. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Mr. H was charged with spraying noxious gas in his neighbor’s face during verbal altercation with neighbor. Felony reduced to misdemeanor, no jail time, one year probation.

Mr. M. was falsely accused of physical abuse by a past partner who had severe mental illness, after he accidentally dropped a bag on her foot. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Ms. C. was falsely accused of physical abuse by her partner’s mother as retaliation after Ms. C’s partner was arrested for domestic violence. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Mr. W. was accused of domestic violence after he tripped and fell over his wife while they were trying to get their child to go to bed. The defiant child ran to a neighbor and called the police in order to not go to bed. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Mr. D was accused of domestic violence after throwing a drink at his partner after she slapped him and cut his face with her diamond ring. Our private investigator interviewed several percipient witnesses who all agreed that she was the aggressor. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Ms. M was accused of domestic violence while visiting her fiancé from Europe. Ms. M’s finance accused her of vandalizing his expensive race car, then headbutted her and refused to let her leave. As a successful doctor with her career in jeopardy, she sought our office’s assistance in order to prevent filing of criminal charges. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Mr. H. was found by police passed out in his vehicle with drugs out in the open. Our office was successful in obtaining a diversion out of the criminal justice system and ultimately a dismissal.

Mr. P. was accused of domestic violence after he attempted to hug and comfort his partner during an emotional, verbal argument over her cheating on him. Our private investigation revealed that she admitted to fabricating the allegations out of anger. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Mr. P was charged with embezzling equipment from John Wayne Airport while working as a contractor on site. Our office negotiated a civil compromise with the airline, resulting in the dismissal of felony charges. Then our office sealed his arrest record.

Ms. G. was a DACA recipient who fled from domestic violence, she was accused of domestic violence by her boyfriend who was facing domestic violence charges himself for abusing her and made false allegations against her. With her immigration at stake, we successfully intervened, and no charges were filed.

Mr. R was charged with embezzling close to $100,000 as a utility salesperson using a scheme to steal customer’s identities. Client avoided any jail time and received probation.

Mr. M. was arrested for public intoxication while sitting on the beach with an unopened can of beer. Officers confused him for a suspect in another case and arrested him after he started to argue with them. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Mr. S. was accused of domestic violence against his partner who had previously committed domestic violence against him. The couple argued over division of property and the alleged victim attacked Mr. S., who defended himself in response. Our office presented evidence of the dangerous character of the alleged victim and prior abuses and the DA refused to file charges.

Ms. A. was accused of domestic violence at a shopping mall with a security guard as a witness. However, we later discovered that the DA was also prosecuting the victim in a separate domestic violence case. We succeeded in getting the DA to dismiss Ms. A’s case.

Mr. A. was accused of embezzling $50,000 from his employer based on the suspicion of a bank teller over a decade prior. Our office successfully litigated a speedy trial motion and the case was dismissed.

Ms. C. was accused of grand theft and was facing charges in multiple counties. Based on negotiations with the DA, our office managed to secure credit for time served and probation (no jail time). Because Ms. C did not want to provide DNA as part of the plea agreement, our office successfully persuaded the DA to offer community service.

Mr. A. was charged with Boating under the influence, child endangerment, and other charges. Through negotiation and persuasion, four out of five charges were dismissed, and the client received no jail time and probation.

Ms. C. was falsely accused of domestic violence by her boyfriend after being a victim for many years and finally defending herself. As is common in abusive relationships, her partner called the police on her when she acted in self-defense. DA refused to file after our office intervened.

Ms. C. was charged with domestic violence after refusing to leave her partner’s house on Valentine’s day after he broke up with her. Her partner called the police and pretended to not know who she was, framing her as a trespasser. Our office negotiated with the DA for an offer for her to complete a one-day online course. Upon completion, the case was dismissed and her arrest sealed.

Mr. W. was charged with eight counts including domestic violence, child endangerment, and criminal threats. Our office managed to negotiate an offer of one year in therapy and then a dismissal of all charges.

Mr. V. was charged with fighting outside a bar and causing permanent, lasting injuries to the alleged victim. Our investigation showed that Mr. V was merely present and had not participated in the fight between the alleged victim and Mr. V’s friend. DA ultimately dismissed the charges and Mr. V. went on to become a doctor.

Client Reviews
The Johnson Law Group handled a very important and delicate matter with professionalism and a caring manner. Attorneys were knowledgeable, in communications, and provided a top notch service to my need. I highly recommend the Johnson Law Group for your important legal issues. Hardy Jr.
Lauren Johnson-Norris was amazing. She explained everything in ways that were easily understood, & answered all of my question. She was respectful, but also open & honest. She started work on my case the first day we met & got results quickly. She demonstrated passion, concern, and showed true feeling for my situation. My expectations were greatly exceeded. I would say she has an incredible attention for detail, & has a real dedication to her work. Lauren Johnson-Norris would be my first recommendation to any of my family or friends similarly in need of legal assistance. Heather
I researched a lot of attorneys and had met with two attorneys before speaking with Ms. Johnson-Norris and retaining her. I was facing serious charges that could not be on my record, due to my job and was really scared. I felt hopeless & thought my life was ruined...until I found Ms. Johnson-Norris… A criminal defense client (drug case)
She is on point. She knows her field well. I have to give credit where credit is due, you deserve it Lauren Johnson-Norris… Anonymous, Victim of Domestic Violence
Lauren Johnson-Norris was my saving grace. I naively thought you were innocent until proven guilty. However, I soon discovered that CPS and family court does not see things that way… Mrs. G, a CPS client