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If you are being investigated for a crime, contact the Johnson Criminal Law Group immediately at (949) 622-5522. Do not speak to anyone about your case until you speak to attorney Lauren K Johnson. Even if you are not under arrest, anything you say can be used against you.

In some cases, the attorneys at the Johnson Criminal Law Group can assist clients in stopping a new case in its tracks. You will benefit by having Orange County criminal lawyer Lauren Johnson there to help defend your rights every step of the way. If your case has already been filed, it is not too late to hire a competent and aggressive attorney who knows the ins and outs of the Orange County courts. With over a decade of experience, we will be there with you, advocating on your behalf..

No two cases are alike. We will spend the time to understand your case to develop your defense. Whether this is your first charge or if you have prior convictions on your record, we are here to help you get the best results possible. The attorneys at the Johnson Criminal Law Group have the knowledge and skill to thoroughly evaluate your case, and explore possible legal defenses, and come up with an effective strategy to defend you. We pride ourselves on treating clients with professionalism, courtesy and compassion. We will provide you with the guidance you need to defend against your pending criminal charges in Orange County.

Orange County criminal attorney Lauren K Johnson has earned a reputation as an outstanding advocate for clients with knowledge and experience that gets results. Ms. Johnson regularly appears at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, the West Justice Center in Westminster, the North Justice Center in Fullerton, the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, and the Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange. Ms. Johnson is well-established in the Orange County legal community, is the Past President of the South Orange County Bar Association.

Lauren K Johnson is one of the only highly regarded and experienced juvenile dependency/CPS lawyers in Orange County who handles both criminal, juvenile court, DCFS allegations of abuse and neglect against parents, caretakers, foster parents, and family members. OC Criminal Attorney Lauren K Johnson has handled the most serious types of juvenile CPS cases in the system and has helped hundreds of families reunite with their children in juvenile dependency matters. She trains other attorneys throughout the state regarding these cases.

Lauren K Johnson not only fiercely tries cases to juries but also argues cases on appeal in front of Courts of Appeal throughout all of California. Lauren K Johnson writes juvenile dependency appeals for Appellate Defenders, Inc., and Central California Appellate Program. These include the Second District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles; the Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento; the Fourth District Courts of Appeal, Division One in San Diego, Division Two in Riverside, and Division Three in Orange County; and the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Fresno.

At the Johnson Criminal Law Group, we care about how the outcome of your case can affect your life. We have successfully referred many clients to community resources such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation, anger management, domestic violence, parenting, and other counseling programs – some of which at no cost to our clients. Orange County criminal lawyer Lauren K Johnson also works with a strong team of investigators and treatment providers to assist clients in crisis and in defending against their cases. We also consult with other attorneys when clients have immigration or licensure issues. We refer clients to other types of attorneys to meet their needs including civil, family law, and immigration attorneys.

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Client Reviews
  • My husband and I retained Ms. Johnson's services to petition for a misdemeanor charge to be expunged from his record. We live in Florida and had to manuver through this process at a distance. Despite the distance, Ms. Johnson or her staff kept us informed of the status of the case as it progressed and more importantly got his record expunged. We were so excited to not have this record following him aroung any longer. We would recommend Ms. Johnson without reservation!

  • Lauren had a very reassuring aspect about her that made it very easy to let her handle the case. If anything were to go wrong with anyone I am associated with, she will be the lawyer of choice.

    Mr. D, a criminal defense client
  • Hi, Lauren. You really are a rising star. I just want to say thank you so much. I give you and your office 5 stars.

    Mr. I. Theft case dismissed.
  • I contacted Lauren for an alleged violation of a restraining order. Ms. Johnson represented me on this matter, reviewed all the evidence and made a strong commitment to understand the finest details of my case, without leaving any stone unturned.

    Ms. Johnson is very familiar with all the court procedures and how to go about such a case. After a few court hearings, my case was dismissed due to lack of evidence and fabricated stories from the opposing party to cause harm to me. I am very grateful for the professional representation I received and would recommend Lauren.

    Mr. M. A Criminal Defense client.
  • Following an unfortunate domestic incident in which no charges were filed, my wife and I unexpectedly found ourselves involved in a Child Protective Services investigation. We began to hear absolute horror stories about good people's lives and families being turned upside down by the Social Services Agency and we were very frightened. Thankfully, I was referred to Lauren Johnson and sought her immediate counsel. From our first phone discussion and meeting through my SSA appointment, Lauren consistently provided a world of calm and supremely experienced advice which enabled me to navigate the consequence laden waters of Child Protective Services, ultimately resulting in a case which was deemed inconclusive and closed. Lauren's knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness are unmatched, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal counsel. Thank you Lauren for helping to give my family and I our lives back, I don't know what we would have done without you!

  • Ms. Johnson won my case on appeal a million to one against me. She is an unbelievable attorney who is gifted in dealing with difficult cases and believes in the power of law and right and wrong, a rare quality today indeed.

  • I would highly recommend Lauren. She and her staff were knowledgeable, very personable and sensitive to my personal situation. They kept me informed at every turn and were easily contacted whenever I had a question or concern.

    Additionally, Lauren successfully attained what I felt was a favorable outcome. She provided me with approachability and results, enabling me to move on and put the past behind me.

    Thank you Lauren! ...for everything, especially a huge sigh of relief!

    A Criminal Defense client.
  • Lauren Johnson was amazing. She explained everything in ways that were easily understood, & answered all of my question. She was respectful, but also open & honest. She started work on my case the first day we met & got results quickly. She demonstrated passion, concern, and showed true feeling for my situation. My expectations were greatly exceeded. I would say she has an incredible attention for detail, & has a real dedication to her work.

    Lauren Johnson would be my first recommendation to any of my family or friends similarly in need of legal assistance.

  • I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude, as well as speak to, the high professionalism and expert counsel given by our attorney, Lauren K. Johnson. She handled a difficult dependency case for us in Children's Court of East Los Angeles. Her counsel and support were excellent, along with her depth of knowledge in law and procedures. Her tenacity and persistence make her an excellent advocate, one who not only stands by you and with you, but also fights ardently on your behalf. I most highly recommend her to anyone who needs outstanding counsel and representation in any legal or court matter.

    Mr. J.
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