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A final order in the court may not be the last word in your case. You have the right to appeal a final order of the court. In the alternative, you may be able to file a Writ from an order in certain circumstances. You have a short window of time to file an appeal or a writ so contact our office today to discuss your legal options.

Lauren K Johnson has handled over 120 appeals in her private practice with excellent results. Ms. Johnson is one of few criminal and juvenile attorneys in Orange County and the surrounding areas who is experienced in both the trial court and in representing clients on appeal. Ms. Johnson handles cases in all California District Courts of Appeal and has argued before the First and Fourth District Courts of Appeals winning reversals for her clients. In 2011, Ms. Johnson was awarded the Paul Bell Fellowship through Appellate Defenders, Inc. for excellence in representing clients on appeal, an honor and recognition awarded only to one attorney per year. Lauren K Johnson is particularly qualified to handle your case on appeal because she is not only familiar with appellate procedure and advocacy but also trial court procedure and advocacy.

Experienced trial and appellate attorney Lauren K Johnson will provide an objective, fresh view of your legal matter. Ms. Johnson will review the record of the case and the relevant proceedings to determine whether there are legally cognizable issues to raise on appeal in your favor. Orange County appellate attorney Lauren K Johnson receives many of her referrals from trial attorneys who have made an appellate record and need assistance for their client on appeal. In the alternative, Ms. Johnson also receives calls from clients asking her to evaluate whether the trial attorney’s performance was legally adequate as part of the evaluation of the record on appeal. Ms. Johnson particularly enjoys being retained to consult with trial attorneys to help make a record on appeal. She has counseled many trial lawyers in making the record, providing the authoritative case law, and crafting the most persuasive arguments.

Ms. Johnson handles criminal, juvenile, family law, and civil appeals.

Types of criminal appeals Ms. Johnson handles include wrongful convictions, sentencing, and due process violations. Ms. Johnson also handles post-conviction motions and writs.

Types of family law appeals Ms. Johnson handles include appeals from orders related to divorce, parentage visitation, division of property, support, parental rights, and other findings.

Ms. Johnson handles appeals relating to the following juvenile dependency/CPS family law subject matter: Jurisdiction/Disposition, Visitation, Relative Placement, WIC 388 Denials, Termination of Services, and Termination of Parental Rights.

Orange County appellate attorney Lauren K Johnson understands how highly sensitive appellate matters can be. She has worked with many clients in cases in which the stakes are the highest that exist. Ms. Johnson has counseled hundreds of clients and family members regarding their rights. Ms. Johnson and the staff at the Johnson Criminal Law Group will always be sensitive to you and your family’s needs and concerns. Most importantly, Ms. Johnson will give you a researched and legally analyzed, honest opinion about the possible outcome of your case on appeal so that you can make the most informed decision in your particular matter.

While your trial court attorney can often assist you in filing the Initial Notice of Appeal, contact our office today to discuss your matter so you don’t miss the deadline to appeal.

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