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After a case has been tried, clients have the right to file an appeal if they don't agree with the outcome. In criminal cases, this may include the conviction, the sentence or the outcome of pretrial motions. In a juvenile dependency case, this can include sustaining a petition, a child custody order, or an order terminating parental rights. All of these are appealable orders that attorneys at the Johnson Criminal Law Group regularly handle. Some cases require a "writ" petition which is a special type of petition to the appellate court from certain orders. If you do not agree with the outcome of a court proceeding, it is critically important that you consult with an appellate attorney right away because the statute of limitations will prevent you from obtaining relief if you wait.

Orange County appellate attorney Lauren K Johnson is not only a strong trial attorney but also an experienced appellate litigator. Orange County appellate attorney Lauren K Johnson handles juvenile dependency/ CPS, juvenile delinquency, and criminal defense matters on appeal in all Court of Appeal in the state of California. Being an appellate and trial lawyer, Ms. Johnson is especially knowledgeable of the law and able to recognize procedural and legal errors in trial court proceedings. Orange County appellate attorney Lauren K Johnson is a skilled appellate litigator who always mounts a vigorous defense on appeal for her clients. Orange County appellate attorney Lauren K Johnson is a panel attorney with Appellate Defenders, Inc. as well as handling appeals for private clients.

Lauren K Johnson has handled many cases on appeal and in writ proceedings. In 2012, Ms. Johnson secured four reversals in the appeals court, including a published case that was a major victory for parents in juvenile dependency cases who use medical marijuana. In In Re Drake M. Ms. Johnson secured a reversal for her client and the court made new law, defining substance abuse in dependency cases for the first time. Lauren K Johnson has received much press attention for this victory and continues to be regarded as a premier appellate attorney in California.

When you hire an appellate attorney, it is important to hire someone who is experienced, who can read the record and advise you whether the case has merit, who will fight for you, and who can do the work in a timely fashion. It is also important that you be able to reach your attorney or their staff for timely updates on your case and to make sure that all deadlines are met. Finally, appellate clients frequently have questions about the procedures on appeal and should have those questions answered in a way they can understand. At the Johnson Criminal Law Group we strive to keep our clients well-informed, to answer their questions about their appeal in a timely manner, and to obtain the best possible results. While appellate cases are arguably the toughest to win, we make every effort to zealously advocate for each client and secure the best results possible.

Orange County appellate attorney Lauren K Johnson believes that everyone is entitled to the best defense and that money should not preclude any client from retaining Lauren K Johnson to fight for them. Ms. Johnson arranges financing on an individual basis and accepts credit cards to ensure that every client has access to the best defense.

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