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Westminster Theft Lawyer

Petty theft and shoplifting are the most commonly prosecuted crimes in California, even for a small town like Westminster. In today’s hectic society, with all its hustle and bustle, it’s not uncommon for someone to walk out of a store and forget to pay for something, or accidentally place an item in their pocket. However, even such a momentary lapse in judgment can get you in trouble. A reputable Orange County criminal defense attorney like Ms. Johnson-Norris can help. In order for something to be considered petty theft in Westminster, as well as in California, there are certain elements that must be present. One of those elements is that the value of the item taken must be at nine hundred fifty dollars or less. If the value of the item(s) stolen is more than nine hundred fifty dollars, then the crime would be considered grand theft as opposed to petty theft.

Sometimes money is tight, and you’re just trying to help your family; so you might be inclined to do some things that you normally wouldn’t even consider. Maybe you find yourself acting on impulse, and later regretting your action; but when you have an experienced Westminster theft defense attorney like our criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can keep your peace of mind. She can keep you from going to jail, or being treated like a criminal.

Some possible defenses that could be used when charged with petty theft include that you did not have the intentions of stealing the item. For example, say you were someone incredibly busy or preoccupied with another task, when you accidentally placed an item you had not paid for inside of your coat pocket. Right as you were leaving the store, the alarms went off and they had you convicted for petty theft. Because you did not actually intend to steal anything that is a potential defense that could be used. Another defense that could be used for theft would be that you had the permission of the rightful owner of the property taken to take it.

An attorney with a proven track record like Orange County theft defense lawyer Ms. Johnson-Norris knows that California provides many pretrial diversion programs for those accused of first-time petty theft or shoplifting crimes as an alternative to prosecution. Those who are eligible for diversion will generally have to fulfill certain requirements, such as paying a fine, community service and restitution. Upon successful completion of your agreement with the District Attorney, Ms. Johnson-Norris will make sure you face minimal penalties for petty theft.

If diversion is not an option, she can negotiate a plea bargain, or defend your case at trial if that’s what works best for your case. Plea bargains typically involve pleading guilty in exchange for lesser charges, or receiving a reduced sentence. Call the Johnson Criminal Law Group at (949) 622-5522 now, and get the attention your case deserves. She has earned a reputation in the Westminster community as an outstanding advocate for her clients.

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The Johnson Law Group handled a very important and delicate matter with professionalism and a caring manner. Attorneys were knowledgeable, in communications, and provided a top notch service to my need. I highly recommend the Johnson Law Group for your important legal issues. Hardy Jr.
Lauren Johnson-Norris was amazing. She explained everything in ways that were easily understood, & answered all of my question. She was respectful, but also open & honest. She started work on my case the first day we met & got results quickly. She demonstrated passion, concern, and showed true feeling for my situation. My expectations were greatly exceeded. I would say she has an incredible attention for detail, & has a real dedication to her work. Lauren Johnson-Norris would be my first recommendation to any of my family or friends similarly in need of legal assistance. Heather
I researched a lot of attorneys and had met with two attorneys before speaking with Ms. Johnson-Norris and retaining her. I was facing serious charges that could not be on my record, due to my job and was really scared. I felt hopeless & thought my life was ruined...until I found Ms. Johnson-Norris… A criminal defense client (drug case)
She is on point. She knows her field well. I have to give credit where credit is due, you deserve it Lauren Johnson-Norris… Anonymous, Victim of Domestic Violence
Lauren Johnson-Norris was my saving grace. I naively thought you were innocent until proven guilty. However, I soon discovered that CPS and family court does not see things that way… Mrs. G, a CPS client