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Westminster Robbery Defense Lawyer

Committing a robbery in the City of Westminster can carry very stiff penalties. That’s why you’ll need a successful and reputable Orange County criminal defense attorney like Lauren K. Johnson to defend your case.

Robbery involves the use force, or threat of force, and a conviction of robbery is always a felony; however, the length of the sentence depends on whether you are convicted of robbery in the first degree, or the second degree.

Westminster robbery defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson knows that first degree robbery is the most serious of the robbery offenses, and carries the longest prison sentences. This includes robberies involving drivers or passengers of commercial vehicles, inhabited homes, and people either using, or just finished using, automated teller machines (ATM).

Second degree robbery takes place under any circumstance that doesn't rise to the level of first degree robbery, but if convicted, could still require serving several years in prison. Furthermore, if you rob more than one person, you can be punished for multiple counts of robbery, even if there is only the taking of one item.

Sentencing may also be increased with “enhancements.” This could be applied when there is great bodily harm to a victim, street gang involvement, or simply using a gun. In fact, firing a gun could tack twenty additional years onto a robbery sentence. In order for something to be categorized as being a great bodily injury, it must be physical. Other factors that determine if it is considered a great bodily injury include the amount of pain involved and how much medical attention it has received. A common example of a great bodily injury is any type of broken bone. With situations involving robbery and the use of a firearm, the amount of years added to your sentence or based on how the gun was used. For example, if the gun was fired, that could, as aforementioned, add 20 years to a sentence. An example of this happening would be a situation where while trying to commit a robbery, you point a gun at one of the bank employees in order to get them to agree with your demands to direct you towards the money. In that situation, you are simply using the gun to threaten someone else, and not actually using it for its stated purpose, which would be to injure or kill someone. However, if the gun was used to seriously injure someone or to kill someone, then that could be an additional 25 years to life in addition to the sentence for the crime of the actual robbery.

Orange County robbery defense lawyer Lauren K. Johnson also knows there are a number of crimes that frequently get committed in connection with robbery. Some of these might include carjacking, auto theft, burglary, false imprisonment, kidnapping, extortion, assault and battery.

If you’ve been charged with robbery, or a related offense, call the Johnson Criminal Law Group today at (949) 622-5522. She has successfully earned a reputation in Westminster as a lawyer with the experience that gets results.

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