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Westminster Lawyer for Domestic Violence Defense

If you've been charged with domestic violence in the City of Westminster, you need to call Westminster criminal defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson at (949) 622-5522 as soon as possible.

Even when an alleged victim steps forward and admits that he or she wasn't a victim of domestic violence, the prosecuting attorney will often still try to convict you. The prosecutor may have a domestic violence expert testify at your trial and say "That victims of violence who say it didn't happen are often lying, because to protect the accused abuser is a predictable part of a victim's behavior."

Unfortunately, there are more false accusations in domestic violence cases than there are in any other type of criminal offense cases. In the heat of an angry argument, one spouse or partner may feel powerless and simply pick up the telephone to call 911. Accomplished criminal trial lawyer Lauren K. Johnson can reveal the motives of a false accuser and convince a jury to look fairly at all of the facts. She knows how to disprove faulty claims made by a domestic violence expert that a victim's story can't be trusted.

If you are facing these charges in our area, you want Westminster domestic violence attorney Lauren K. Johnson on your side.

Building a defense strategy for domestic violence charges is not often easy, but it can be done if your attorney has the proper knowledge and experience to prove your innocence. Contact the Johnson Criminal Law Group at (949) 622-5522 to learn more about domestic violence, and what she can do to help you avoid a conviction.

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