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Lauren K. Johnson is an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney who has helped many clients living in the City of Westminster who have been charged with assault. She understands that you want to have the best Westminster assault attorney you can get on your side, and you want to feel confident that she will have your best interests in mind.

Whether you were defending yourself in a bar fight, if your actions were misinterpreted by police, or any other situation arose, Attorney Johnson will help you sort through the criminal justice process. When you call the Law Office of Lauren K. Johnson at (949) 622-5522, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that your rights are being protected, and that you are being kept informed at every stage of the game.

Because there is no requirement that an alleged victim suffers an actual injury, assault is a crime that may be falsely reported out of anger, revenge or jealousy. In fact, false accusations are frequently charged in assault cases where there are no injuries or eyewitnesses, and many people are wrongly arrested for assault based on an incident that never took place.

That's why it's important to be represented by Orange County assault lawyer Lauren K. Johnson, who will help you navigate through the complexities of California's assault laws, which can be extremely complicated. She knows the stresses you are under, and the fears you have over what you could be facing. She understands that you don't want to go to jail, or end up with a permanent criminal record.

At the Johnson Criminal Law Group, you'll get honest answers to your questions based upon extensive criminal courtroom experience. She knows what it takes to beat your charges, so put your trust in Westminster assault lawyer Lauren K. Johnson to lighten your load.

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