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The Johnson Criminal Law Group offers the residents of Westminster a wide range of criminal defense services, including representation for juvenile dependency cases. Juvenile dependency is a judicial process involving a child being temporarily or permanently removed from the home because of allegations of abuse or neglect. Please call Orange County criminal defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson at (949) 622-5522 if you have any questions about the juvenile dependency process.

There are many different people and agencies that may be involved in a juvenile dependency case, such as the judge, social workers, lawyers and court appointed special advocates called a CASA.

The Juvenile Dependency Judge does all the jobs that judges usually do; however, there are no juries in juvenile dependency court. The judge is the one who will make the final decision about what happens in each case. Her job is to listen to what everyone says, and will decide what needs to happen to keep a child safe. Making sure the judge hears the truth is vital, and that’s why you need to be represented by an experienced Westminster juvenile dependency defense attorney like Lauren K. Johnson.

The role of a CASA in a dependency case is to talk to people and gather facts. The CASA will tell the judge what they learned, and may make suggestions to the court about what needs be done to make the child safe.

Lawyers usually speak in court for parents involved in juvenile deficiency cases to protect their rights during the process, which could take months to reach completion. Furthermore, the court may require a plan of action for family reunification, which will be subject to periodic review. Orange County juvenile dependency defense lawyer Lauren K. Johnson will assist you not only with protecting you and your child, but with the entire family reunification process.

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