Suspended Driver License

Driving on a Suspended License

In the State of California, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license or with a suspended or revoked driver's license. Some of the consequences of operating a vehicle without or with a suspended driver's license include jail time, costly fines or fees as well as points on the driver's license.

What Leads to a Driver's License Suspension?

California Vehicle Code Section 14601 and its related statutes apply to those who have been issued a driver's license but that license has either been suspended or revoked.

There are several reasons why a driver's license could be suspended or revoked. Those reasons include failure to pay child support, underage drinking, driving under the influence or having too many points against one's license.

What are the Defenses to Driving on a Suspended License?

There are defenses to driving under a suspended or revoked license. Those may include identity theft, not having actual notice of a suspension or revocation, or not actually being the driver.

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