SR-22 in Aliso Viejo

The SR-22 is a document prepared and filed by an auto insurance company to the Department of Motor Vehicles, to verify that a person has taken auto insurance. The SR-22 is not the insurance policy but rather evidence that a person has auto insurance.

When Is the SR-22 Required?

In Aliso Viejo, auto insurance companies are legally required to provide proof that a driver is insured and to additionally report on the insurance status of a vehicle. The SR-22 is therefore primarily useful for a vehicle’s first registration or during the vehicle’s registration renewal.

Apart from the usual occurrence mentioned above, the SR-22 is also required after a driver is convicted of a DUI, (or another vehicle related driving violation) and is trying to get their drivers license reinstated.

Other violations that would require a driver to get an SR-22 in order to have their driver’s license reinstated include, driving without insurance, driving on a suspended license or reckless driving.

The SR-22 is usually obligatory for a number of years after the DUI conviction and is required whether a person owns a vehicle or not.

How to Get an SR-22 Form
  1. The SR-22 can be filed for and acquired after paying a small fee to the insurance company.

  2. The insurance company will ensure that you are paying the state minimum liability insurance before issuing the SR-22.

  3. The insurance company will then submit the SR-22 to the California DMV within Thirty days of your application.

  4. Once the SR-22 is approved by the California DMV, the DMV will send you a letter stating that they have received the SR-22.

  5. If you fail to pay your premiums on time, the SR-22 will be cancelled and an SR-26 will be filed with the DMV. The DMV will then suspend your license until you renew your insurance and file for a new SR-22.

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