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Santa Ana Robbery Lawyer

In the City of Santa Ana, robberies occur regularly. However, there are many defenses available for Orange County criminal defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson to present on behalf of someone charged with this offense.

The charge of robbery contains the element of force, or threat of force--which could require the proving of either a“requisite force,” or a “requisite fear.” Santa Ana robbery defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson often explains how the force required for robbery must be more than an incidental touching to take property. For example, the force employed by a pickpocket would be insufficient to constitute a robbery, although it could be considered a different kind of theft crime. The “requisite force” must generally be strong enough to prevent a person from resisting the theft. If the prosecution is claiming the alleged victim was in fear, and cannot prove the victim had the “requisite fear” to actually be afraid, then the crime of robbery would not have been committed unless other circumstantial evidence satisfied the element of fear.

The Johnson Criminal Law Group often uses a number of other defenses for robbery, depending upon the situations and circumstances surrounding the case. Some of the most common defenses might include the fact that there was no actual taking, or that you didn’t intent to take the properly. It could be that you rightfully believed the property belonged to you or there was a mistaken identity or a false accusation. In other situations, your state of mind might come into play, or that you had authorization from the owner.

If you’ve been charged with robbery in Santa Ana, call Orange County robbery defense lawyer Lauren K. Johnson today at (949) 622-5522. She has the knowledge and experience to win your case.

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