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If you live in the City of Santa Ana, it can be a frightening and emotional experience to have your children taken out of your home. If it happens, you will need the services of an experienced and reputable lawyer like Santa Ana juvenile dependency defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson to represent your rights. She has the expertise necessary to navigate you through the juvenile dependency process and get your child back.

It’s important that you be represented at every stage of a juvenile dependency case, because, if you don’t, you risk not only losing your child but also being charged with criminal abuse or neglect. That’s why you should call Orange County criminal defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson at (949) 622-5522.

A petition is first filed alleging facts about abuse or neglect that may lead to your child being removed from your home and placed into foster care. Then there will be a detention hearing where the court reviews the evidence. After that, the court will determine if you have violated any laws. This could determine if potential criminal charges will be filed against you.

At another hearing, the court will decide whether family reunification services will be given, or if the child remains in the custody of the county. After that, a reunification plan must be determined, which could include drug treatment, counseling, anger management or visitation arrangements. If you don’t fulfill this plan for reunification, you might not get your child back.

Once everything is completed, there will still be several review hearings to demonstrate to the court that you are fit to care for your child; otherwise the child could end up foster care, in a long-term guardianship, or be adopted. Orange County juvenile dependency defense lawyer Lauren K. Johnson can help you throughout the entire process, and will fight to reunite your family.

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