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Santa Ana Juvenile Delinquency Attorney

Crime is a major concern in the City of Santa Ana, where nightly news programs often begin their broadcasts with accounts of the day’s most violent crimes, much of which is committed by juveniles. If your child has been arrested, call Orange County criminal defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson right away at (949) 622-5522.

Some of the most common charges that constitute delinquent acts that those under the age of eighteen are most often charged with include underage drinking and underage purchasing of alcohol and/or cigarettes. Although these are all serious charges, the juvenile court exists because we recognize that minors do not have the same ability as adults to process their actions and their respective consequences. Therefore, in most cases involving those under the age of eighteen, the juveniles are tried in juvenile court. However, with certain cases involving more severe crimes, such as rape or murder, minors could also be tried in adult court. There are many distinctions between the juvenile justice system and the justice system for those over the age of eighteen. For one, the bulk of the action taken in juvenile court is to rehabilitate the defendant and help them change their life for the better. On the other hand, with the adult criminal system, because adults have a more developed mind and have matured, the actions taken are often deliberately intended to punish them for their wrongful actions. The juvenile could be rehabilitated through counseling and therapy to try and help the child make better choices for the long run.

When your child is arrested, there are a variety of things the police can do. They can make a record of the arrest and let your child go home, or they can send your child to an agency that will shelter, care for, or counsel your child. Sometimes they will make your child come to the police station, or may give you and your child a “Notice to Appear.”

However, before the police talk to your child about anything, the police must tell them about their legal rights, such as their right to remain silent, that anything they say will be used against them in court, and that your child has the right to a lawyer. This is why you’ll need the services of Santa Ana juvenile delinquency defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson, a lawyer who is effective and prepared to handle Juvenile Court cases.

As the parent of the child, you have rights, too. The police must inform you as soon as your child is locked up, and must tell you where your child is and what rights your child has. However, as a parent or guardian, you also have legal responsibilities, such as financial responsibilities for any damage caused by your child, or paying restitution to the victim for losses they might incur.

Orange County juvenile delinquency defense lawyer Lauren K. Johnson has successfully earned a reputation as an outstanding advocate with a proven track record for her clients. She has the knowledge and experience that get results following the arrest of a juvenile offender in Santa Ana.

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