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Santa Ana Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Drug use is on the rise in Santa Ana, and the police go after drug users very forcefully. In California, drug charges are nothing to be taken lightly, because you could be up against some serious prison time. However, with a knowledgeable Orange County drug defense lawyer like Lauren K. Johnson, many of these drug cases can be beaten in court.

It could be that the drugs weren't even yours or perhaps belonged to someone else. It could also be that you didn't know they were in your possession, your car, or your home. Whatever the case, Lauren K. Johnson will defend your rights aggressively; so it only makes sense to get good advice from the best California drug possession defense lawyer you can find.

Attorney Johnson often explains that one of the most important aspects of a drug defense case is how the evidence was seized by the police. Search and seizure laws can be extremely complex, so sometimes a case can be dismissed because of an error in the collection of the evidence.

Another way to get a drug possession case dismissed is when the prosecution fails to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the drugs were yours. Just because they were in your house, or in your car, the argument can always be made that they belonged to someone else.

An experienced Santa Ana drug defense attorney like Lauren K. Johnson knows there are many other potential defense strategies, and that everything depends on a thorough examination of the facts. So call the Law Office of Lauren K. Johnson at (949) 622-5522 today to discuss the charges you are facing in Santa Ana. She'll explain what you are up against, and tell you what she can do about it. If you wait too long, some defenses may not be available, so the sooner you call, the more help she can offer, and the better your outcome will be.

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