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The City of Santa Ana Police Department is aggressive when it comes to domestic violence, endangering children, elder abuse and sexual assault; so it's often very easy to find yourself in trouble, even when it's not your fault. Santa Ana criminal defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson represents clients in all of these types of cases and will work on your behalf to have your charges dismissed, or reduced to prevent your reputation from being ruined.

Santa Ana domestic violence defense lawyer Johnson knows that misunderstandings can occur in almost any situation, but the police are frequently not in a position to judge, or won't even listen to both sides of the story. They act quickly to prevent further aggression, and innocent people often get arrested.

If you've found yourself in a situation like this, you need to understand that the penalties could be very serious. Call our firm today at (949) 622-5522 to defend your rights, and protect your reputation.

While some domestic violence cases do have merit, there are often instances where people are falsely accused. Without a reliable defense lawyer, they can still face severe legal consequences. In addition to jail time, a court can evict you from your home, charge you with heavy fines, assess legal fees, and force you to pay money damages. Furth, domestic violence can open the door to other forms of legal action, such as child custody, child support and even alimony.

It is also important to emphasize that once a domestic violence order is entered, any violation of that order can lead to further criminal penalties. Because the stakes are high, it is essential that you present a strong defense. Call the Johnson Criminal Law Group at (949) 622-5522 right away.

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