Perjury in Aliso Viejo

Perjury PC 118 in Aliso Viejo

In the city of Aliso Viejo, if you deliberately give false information while under oath, you can be prosecuted for perjury. If you are prosecuted and found guilty of perjury, under Penal Code 118 (PC 118), you will have a criminal record and this can make it quite difficult for you to find a job or rent a place to live.

Common occurrences when you should not to lie under oath include if you are:

  • Giving sworn testimony in a deposition
  • Giving testimony in court
  • Filling in a driver license application at the DMV
  • Signing a certificate
  • Signing a declaration or
  • Signing an affidavit
Proving perjury

There are some necessary elements that the prosecution must successfully prove if they want to charge you with perjury. These elements include:

  • You knowingly made a declaration
  • The declaration you made was false
  • You pledged to tell the truth
  • The declaration you made affected the result of a case
Defenses to a perjury charge

If you feel that you have been wrongfully accused of perjury, it is important to hire an excellent criminal defense lawyer who can put up a good defense. Perjury is a crime that is taken very seriously and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in California. Some of the typical defenses a defense attorney will use to defend you include:

  • Your statement was mistakenly false rather than knowingly false
  • You misunderstood the question
  • You were not technically under oath or
  • The statement you made did not affect the outcome of the case

Generally, perjury charges are quite difficult for the prosecution to prove and it is therefore quite important under all circumstances that you have a strong defense attorney on your side to defend you in court.

If you believe you may have perjured yourself or are under investigation for offering false testimony, contact the Johnson Criminal Law Group today for help with your defense.

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