Perjury (PC 118) in Anaheim

In the city of Anaheim, as in the state of California, deliberately giving a false statement while under oath is a crime. The crime of perjury can also be defined by its four main elements which include:

  • A deliberate statement
  • Knowledge that the statement is false
  • Being under oath to tell the truth at the time of the false statement and
  • The statement is a material fact or is related to a material fact
Examples of perjury

In Anaheim, there are several ways a person can commit perjury. Some common examples include:

  • Deliberately providing false information on a driver's license application
  • Deliberately providing false information when declaring your taxes
  • Deliberately declaring, when testifying, that you believe something to be true when you don’t honestly believe it to be true
  • Deliberately providing information that is false after acknowledging you are under oath to provide the truth
Punishment and penalties for perjury

Under California Penal Code 118, perjury is a felony and is therefore a serious offense. If you are convicted of perjury, the judge has the discretion to punish you with the following penalties:

  • A fine of up to $10,000
  • Felony probation with up to 1-year in county jail
  • 2-years, 3-years or 4-years in county jail or
  • Death or life imprisonment for aggravated perjury (perjury that causes an adverse effect on someone else, including someone being wrongly convicted.)

When deliberating on the punishment and the penalties to render, the judge will consider the offender's past criminal record and the circumstances of the crime.

It is important to call an accomplished criminal attorney to defend your case and help you fight these charges.

Perjury is a crime of moral turpitude that will follow you for life. A good defense of this charge is essential to keeping your reputation. Call the Johnson Criminal Law Group now if you think you may have perjured yourself.

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