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Newport Beach Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

Newport Beach is famous for being a beautiful place to live, as well as a safe and economically vibrant area of southern California. But no area is immune to family problems and conflicts and our Newport Beach juvenile dependency lawyer is available to assist. The law of juvenile dependency is highly specialized and there are few lawyers in southern California who practice this type of law, but the Newport Beach juvenile dependency lawyer at the Johnson Criminal Law Group has years of practice and experience in this area. Juvenile dependency law is its own type of law that is distinct from criminal, and instead, focuses on making sure that the child is taken care of in the best, most suitable environment possible. Not only this, but the juvenile dependency courts also work to make sure that the parents have the necessary resources and support that they need to foster a loving and safe environment for their children. If the parent of parents of the child or children are found to be unsuitable caretakers for their children, then the children will instead be taken care of by someone else.

Under section 300 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, according to Newport Beach juvenile dependency lawyers, judicial proceedings will start for a dependent child if the child has suffered from physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional damage, or neglect, or if there is no one to look after the child in the event of parental incarceration or for any other reason. This section also says “it is the intent of the Legislature that nothing in this section disrupt family life unnecessarily,” but that is often exactly what juvenile dependency law does. When a child becomes a “dependent” of the court, it is the court that makes the parental decisions for the child, taking those rights away from the parents. A dependency case starts when someone reports that you have been abusing or neglecting your child, someone else is abusing or neglecting your child and you are not properly protecting them, or that there is a risk of something like the two situations happening above may occur. If your child is taken from you, the parent, then the child will either be placed with a relative, the other parent if the child’s parents are not currently together, a shelter, or a foster home. In order to reunify with your children or with your child, you must complete the required services within a certain period of time. The court can terminate your services.

The Newport Beach juvenile dependency lawyer at the Johnson Criminal Law Group understands that often children are taken and accusations made before the entire story comes out. If you are a parent and you have been accused of child abuse or neglect our Newport Beach juvenile dependency lawyer of the Johnson Criminal Law Group can make sure you have an advocate and will work to try to achieve the best outcome for your family. So contact the Law Office today for a free consultation at (949) 622-5522.

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