Newport Beach Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

While Newport Beach deserves its reputation for being a safe and beautiful place to live, there were over 220,000 juvenile arrests in California in 2005. And juvenile delinquency law is not one size fits all. In general we think of it as law dealing with a minor under the age of 18 years, but whether someone is tried as an adult or a juvenile depends on the type and severity of the crime. Newport Beach juvenile delinquency lawyers know, however, that most crimes committed by juveniles are misdemeanors. And young people in Newport Beach, as anywhere, often do things they shouldn’t and get themselves into trouble, sometimes due to drinking or drugs, but which might have lifelong consequences.

Regardless of whether the charges are minor or serious, our Newport Beach juvenile delinquency lawyer believes that everyone deserves the most passionate, committed, and vigorous criminal defense possible. This is true of criminal defense more broadly, but Newport Beach juvenile delinquency lawyers knows that juvenile cases need special attention and the defendants have different needs and problems than dealing with adult defendants. These young defendants have their entire future at risk in these criminal cases and they need a strong advocate in their corner.

Our Newport Beach juvenile delinquency lawyer has successfully defended many juvenile delinquency cases in California courts and also works to empower young people and their families to help them stay out of the criminal system. Contact the Newport Beach juvenile delinquency lawyer at the Johnson Criminal Law Group for a free consultation about your case.

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