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Irvine Robbery Attorney

Irvine is a peaceful community, so fortunately our neighbors don’t have to deal with a rash of robberies as occurs in some communities. But the Irvine robbery attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group knows that crimes, and accusations of crimes, can occur anywhere, so it is best to be informed about the law and your options.

Most people could tell you that robbery is a theft crime. But the key to robbery, as opposed to other theft crimes, is that it is stealing something from another individual’s “person.” This is what makes it a more serious crime, because it is generally agreed upon that more fear and danger involved when it is person to person, and not someone taking something from a store counter or when the other person is not around. Thus, the legislature has enacted much harsher penalties for robbery than the other crimes of theft. This is why robberies, though they may end up as misdemeanor convictions, are always charged as felonies.

Most people think of robberies as occurring only inside of liquor stores or banks. But robberies can happen anywhere. A person could be robbed while waiting at a red light in their car, or while walking down the street. Robberies sometimes happen when holiday shoppers are carrying overflowing bags of newly purchased goods from discount stores. Because Irvine is home to one of the most well known outdoor malls on the west coast, robberies, though not too common, still do occur in the city.

If you have been charged, or are being investigated for a robbery crime, do not speak to anyone – including the police – until you have spoken with the robbery attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group. The sooner you call, the better you will be able to recall the exact details of the event that took place. This is essential to ensuring the best defense possible can be created to protect your personal liberty.

California Penal Code section 211 deals with robbery and outlines five requirements to be proved for the crime. First, “felonious taking”, which means taking someone else’s property away with the intention of keeping it from the owner. Second, the taken property is in the possession of another person. Third, as mentioned above, the taking must be from the person or his or her immediate presence. Fourth, the taking must be against the owner’s will. And fifth, it must be taken through force or fear. When these are met, unlike with petty or grand theft, the value of the taken item does not matter; a robbery could occur over an item inexpensive and insignificant like a toothpick. Similarly, one does not need to possess a weapon of any kind to fulfill the requirements of element five mentioned above.

The Irvine robbery attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group knows that robbery is a felony offense and can have serious penalties, including jail time. If you need an experienced California criminal defense lawyer, call the Law Office for a free initial consultation today at (949) 622-5522.

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