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Irvine is a thriving, safe community and does not suffer from as much crime as other areas. But, petty theft is a crime that no community is immune to. With many shopping centers like Irvine Spectrum and The Marketplace, Irvine is just as susceptible to theft crimes as any other bustling town.

Petty theft, which is theft of items worth less than $950, can often include crimes known as shoplifting. Shoplifting crimes can occur anywhere, regardless of the affluence or safety of the community – and, in fact, often happen in affluent communities as frequently as poorer areas. The Irvine theft attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group has experience in helping clients get the best outcome from a petty theft or shoplifting charge.

California Penal Code sections 484 and 488 deal with petty theft, and there are two requirements the prosecutor has to prove under these sections: that the defendant committed theft, that the accused has or had taken something that is or was owned by another person, and the value of that taken property is less than $950. Even if the item(s) has been returned, the prosecutor may still move forward with pursuing charges against a defendant given the details of the case. Usual penalties for petty theft are a $1000 fine, up to three years of probation, and/or six months incarceration in a county jail depending on the circumstances of a particular case and the history of the person who committed the crime. While many see shoplifting and petty crime as non-serious offenses, these penalties are serious and depending on the circumstances, may include jail time. Three months may not sound so long in theory, but Irvine theft attorneys know that three months in jail can feel like an eternity in reality. What is more, Penal Code section 666 provides for even harsher penalties for repeat petty theft offenders, including years in a state penitentiary.

Although the crime of petty theft can involve stealing a much smaller amount of goods than grand theft, prosecutors are intent on punishing offenders charged with petty theft in an attempt to discourage thieves from stealing in the future. If you have been caught taking goods that do not belong to you, contact an attorney experienced in the defense of petty theft crimes immediately. The longer you wait, the worse your case may become. Ms. Johnson is very good at getting favorable outcomes for clients when they contact her Irvine law office early in a case.

There are serious consequences for those who commit this crime and are permitted in the U.S. by Green Card, or are of other non-citizen status. It is very important to contact a competent attorney, who is familiar with the various immigration implications, to discuss the possible ramifications of a petty theft conviction. You may be deported if you choose an attorney who does not address this issue in a timely manner.

There are defenses to petty theft, and also arguments for the defendant’s innocence. The Irvine theft attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group believes in giving each client the best possible defense, whatever the circumstance. If you or a family member has been arrested for petty theft, including shoplifting, contact the Law Office by phone at (949) 622-5522 or through an online message for a free consultation. Remember, communications with the attorneys at the Johnson Criminal Law Group are always confidential, and will never be disclosed to authorities. Set up a free consultation today.

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