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The law of juvenile dependency is highly specialized and there are few lawyers in the Irvine area who practice in these arenas, let alone have the kind of experiences like the attorneys at the Irvine juvenile dependency lawyer at the Johnson Criminal Law Group. If you are a parent and you have been unfairly accused of child abuse or neglect an Irvine juvenile dependency lawyer can make sure you have an advocate through your legal troubles. Ms. Johnson is the premier Juvenile Dependency Attorney in California, often advising and consulting for other lawyers on the law – and how the attorney’s client may be negatively affected by the pursuit of a certain strategy – in this quasi-civil apportionment of the California Court system.

Under section 300 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, according to Irvine juvenile dependency lawyers, judicial proceedings will start for a dependent child if the child has suffered from physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional damage, or neglect, or if there is no one to look after the child in the event of parental incarceration or for any other reason. This section also says "it is the intent of the Legislature that nothing in this section disrupt family life unnecessarily," but that is often exactly what juvenile dependency law does. When a child becomes a "dependent" of the court, it is the court that makes the parental decisions for the child, taking those rights away from the parents.

The Irvine juvenile dependency lawyer at the Johnson Criminal Law Group understands that often loving parents get caught in the state's net, and children are taken and accusations made before the entire story comes out. The details are usually complicated, unlike what we like to think from movies and TV shows, these cases are rarely clear cut, and families could often benefit from assistance and support more than being torn apart and forced into a legal defense before the state. Ms. Johnson has a unique approach that looks at the entire case, and looks to litigate based on what is best for both the parents and the children involved in the case. She is often able to reunite families by directing parents on how to deal with SSA, CPS, or DFCS depending on the county or agency, and depending on the facts of the case.

If you are, or believe you will be investigated by the Department of Child and Family Services, Child Protective Services, or Social Services Agency in California, contact the Johnson Criminal Law Group before you talk to any government representative. If you have already spoken to a social worker about an incident involving your, or the child of a loved one, it is very important that you speak to a lawyer who has experience dealing with these particular government agencies.

Over the years, the legal professional at the Johnson Criminal Law Group has litigated many cases and has obtained positive results for parents across Southern California. So contact the Law Office today for a free consultation at (949) 622-5522.

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