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Irvine Grand Theft Attorney

When you think of “grand theft,” you may think of carjacking or a dangerous urban crime. In reality, grand theft can occur even in safe areas like Irvine, and it does not only include stealing cars and expensive electronics. Grand theft is defined by the manner in which the item is stolen and the amount of loss incurred by the owner of the item. While some theft cases may not seem so serious, the majority of grand theft crimes are serious enough to be charged as felonies, and in some cases may be reduced to misdemeanors as part of a plea deal. The Irvine grand theft attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group has experience in dealing with all kinds of theft crimes, and can help you understand the offense and the best way to argue the case in your favor. Because Grand Theft is charged as a felony, it carries much harsher punishment than the lesser crime of petty theft. If you have been charged with Grand Theft, it is extremely important you contact the lawyers at our criminal defense firm as soon as possible.

California Grand Theft Laws

Under California law, theft of property valued at over $950 constitutes the crime of grand theft. There are also certain categories of items which if stolen, are always considered to be grand theft, regardless of the value. These items include cars and firearms. Also, if you steal something using force or fear from another person, that may constitute a considered robbery. Grand theft is covered under California Penal Code section 487.

There are several types of grand theft crimes, some of which are: grand theft firearm, if a firearm is stolen; grand theft auto, if an automobile or any other mode of transportation is stolen; theft of animals like cows or horses or farm products; and grand theft person, when the stolen property was in the actual personal possession of another person.

Grand theft is frequently charged with the crime of burglary. A burglary occurs when an individual intentionally enters a business or residence with the intent to commit larceny. The degree of a burglary will depend on whether the structure is a dwelling or business. Some of the most common calls we receive at the Johnson Criminal Law Group include employee-related thefts. These crimes may be charges as embezzlement because the employee was in a position of trust and had the right to possess the property but misappropriated it.

Irvine grand theft attorneys know that grand theft is a crime that can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. The differences in penalties are substantial, depending on that classification. The prosecutor, in most cases, will take into account a number of factors such as the stolen item's value and aggravating circumstances such as your criminal history, when considering charges. In addition, factors like the criminal sophistication required to commit the offense can affect what charge is brought and the possible penalties.

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