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Irvine Domestic Violence Attorney

California has a serious issue with domestic violence, and while Irvine is a safe community, domestic violence is still a problem in the area. The Irvine domestic violence attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group knows that this is a serious crime, but also understand that all too often family conflicts are very complicated and are not black and white.

The broad laws of California in this area come under Penal Code section 273.5, which includes the crime of bodily injury on a current or former spouse, a person with whom you live or have lived, or the mother or father of your child. This section includes many types of "violent injury," including something as slight as a bruise or swelling. The other section that is often used in domestic violence cases is Penal Code section 243(e)(1), which is domestic battery. It makes it a misdemeanor, in other words a less serious crime than a felony, to use force against the same categories of people. But this section does not require any visible injury at all. Even if you have not been charged with a domestic violence crime, but believe authorities might contact you, seek legal counsel immediately to put yourself in the best position to defend against the charge of domestic violence or domestic battery.

A domestic violence conviction in Irvine can lead to many personal problems outside of the scope of a simple conviction. Violence against anyone covered by the categories above may lead to loss of employment, required enrollment in domestic batterers programs, a loss of the right to possess a firearm, and, of course, jail time. In some cases, social services becomes involved. Often, the agency will open a case and consider putting the children in state custody (foster care) until the couple either legally separates – including one person moving out of the residence, or both individuals attend classes in an effort to gain a better understanding of how to communicate and demonstrates that they can do so. The opening of a social services inquiry is a case separate from the criminal domestic violence charge and may require additional legal representation, including additional lawyer fees. This is a great reason to contact an attorney to represent you.

Irvine domestic violence attorneys have seen too many instances of family conflicts- over divorce or child custody for example- delve into a he said/she said battle about domestic violence. Domestic violence is a crime and it should not be accused lightly, but too often people use it for their personal gain, which can destroy the accused person's life, even if it is a false allegation. If you have been accused, or have falsely accused someone of domestic violence, it is of the utmost importance that you contact an attorney who can represent you and legally advise you on how to proceed. No person other than an attorney is able to give you advice that will defend you against charges in a domestic violence case. You want someone on your side who can protect your freedom.

The Irvine domestic violence attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group believes passionately in her criminal defense work and has experience advocating for criminal defendants accused of domestic violence. For a free consultation about your case, call (949) 622-5522 or send a message today.

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