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Irvine Criminal Defense Lawyer

Irvine Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

While Irvine is one of the safest cities in the Orange County, there were over 220,000 juvenile arrests per year in California over the last several years, including thousands in our area. Quality legal representation is something your child cannot do without. Juvenile offenses can have a negative effect on your child’s future plans, such as military enlistment, college admission, gaining employment while in school, and in some cases can preclude an underage offender from getting a driver’s license. If your minor has gotten in legal trouble, contact our Irvine criminal defense office so we can get started helping your child avoid or severely minimize these consequences.

Irvine DUI Attorney

Driving Under the Influence is one of the most common crimes in Irvine. A good DUI attorney will ensure that the police followed proper protocol when investigating a DUI charge. This includes everything from questioning a police officer’s personal motives for pulling over and questioning a suspected drunk driver, such as recognition for a certain quota of DUI arrests in a given period, to whether or not a Breathalyzer’s calibration was accurate and timely. The defense lawyers at the Johnson Criminal Law Group are experts in DUI law and have the required experience you need on your side to ensure the best possible outcome.

Irvine Assault Lawyer

An assault occurs when one person physically, willfully, and unlawfully uses force or violence against another person. This includes, but is not limited to: spitting, swinging items such as handbags, or any other item originating from the force generated by a person’s physical movement. In some cases Orange County Criminal Attorney Johnson is able to intervene in the investigation of a person accused of assault with results that are favorable to her clients.

Irvine Domestic Violence Attorney

California has a serious issue with domestic violence, and while Irvine is generally a safe community, instances of domestic violence can still require representation by an attorney. The domestic violence attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group knows that this is a serious crime, but also understand that all too often family conflicts are very complicated and are not black and white. We can help you with your matter.

Irvine Drug Crimes Attorney

Many California residents find their lives turned upside down and get trapped in the Orange County criminal system for drug crimes. To prevent this, having an experienced Irvine drug crimes attorney is extremely important. Drug crimes in Irvine are serious, and account for a disproportionate part of the prison population in California. We are experienced providing solutions that keep our clients out of jail, while also getting them help and ultimately fulfilling our goal of improving their lives.

Irvine Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

While Irvine is one of the safest cities in the Orange County, social services can show up at your door unannounced. Quality legal representation is something your child cannot do without. A juvenile dependency case in Irvine could result in the loss of custody of your children. The Johnson Criminal Law Group is the only private firm in Orange County that knows juvenile dependency law inside and out – do not retain anyone else to handle your juvenile dependency case. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of the juvenile dependency system and will work to keep your child in your home and out of foster care.

Irvine Petty Theft Attorney

Irvine is a thriving, safe community and does not suffer from as much crime as other areas. But, petty theft is a crime that no community is immune to. With many shopping centers like Irvine Spectrum and The Marketplace, Irvine is just as susceptible to theft crimes as any other bustling town.

Irvine Robbery Attorney

Irvine is a peaceful community, so fortunately our neighbors don’t have to deal with a rash of robberies as occurs in some communities. But the Irvine robbery attorney at the Johnson Criminal Law Group knows that crimes, and accusations of crimes, can occur anywhere, so it is best to be informed about the law and your options.

Irvine Murder Defense Attorney

The consequences of a murder conviction last a lifetime. A complete murder defense requires trust on behalf of a client that the attorney he or she hires is going to fight, literally, for the life of the client. If you or someone you know are facing murder charges, contact our office to set up a meeting. Murder Defense Attorney Ms. Johnson-Norris is someone you can trust in your time of need.

Irvine Grand Theft Attorney

The difference between petty theft and grand theft is a single dollar. It might not seem like much, but having grand theft on your record can have lifelong consequences. You need an excellent advocate on your side to defend against the charge of grand theft. Irvine Grand Theft Defense Lawyer Johnson has the experience and dedication to ensure you face the least punishment that the details of your case warrant.

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The Johnson Law Group handled a very important and delicate matter with professionalism and a caring manner. Attorneys were knowledgeable, in communications, and provided a top notch service to my need. I highly recommend the Johnson Law Group for your important legal issues. Hardy Jr.
Lauren Johnson-Norris was amazing. She explained everything in ways that were easily understood, & answered all of my question. She was respectful, but also open & honest. She started work on my case the first day we met & got results quickly. She demonstrated passion, concern, and showed true feeling for my situation. My expectations were greatly exceeded. I would say she has an incredible attention for detail, & has a real dedication to her work. Lauren Johnson-Norris would be my first recommendation to any of my family or friends similarly in need of legal assistance. Heather
I researched a lot of attorneys and had met with two attorneys before speaking with Ms. Johnson-Norris and retaining her. I was facing serious charges that could not be on my record, due to my job and was really scared. I felt hopeless & thought my life was ruined...until I found Ms. Johnson-Norris… A criminal defense client (drug case)
She is on point. She knows her field well. I have to give credit where credit is due, you deserve it Lauren Johnson-Norris… Anonymous, Victim of Domestic Violence
Lauren Johnson-Norris was my saving grace. I naively thought you were innocent until proven guilty. However, I soon discovered that CPS and family court does not see things that way… Mrs. G, a CPS client