I was Involved in a Domestic Violence Incident; what do I Need to tell my Lawyer?

Well, the first thing I need to know about your domestic violence case is what happened; who called the police? Who took the first overt aggressive action? And whether or not you felt that you needed to defend yourself. I’ll also want to know what statements you made to the police, as well as any injuries on you or the alleged victim. In many cases, the police will take photographs, but those photographs might not accurately reflect what happened. Many times alleged victims will make statements that are either false or exaggerated. It’s really important for us to get all of the discovery in these cases, and to have an investigator go out and talk to alleged victims if they will speak with us. We are contacted at the Johnson Criminal Law Group about domestic violence cases every day. Often times, people do not want to break up their family, or do not want to have the charges of domestic violence on their record. So, we do everything we can in our ability to either fight those cases or get our clients the best possible outcome.

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