How Does a Domestic Violence Case Impact My Rights as a Parent?

One important thing for you to know, is that if you had children in the home, or children were present during an incident of domestic violence, you are exposed to the charge of child endangerment. It’s not safe for children to be in a domestic violence environment. The law criminalizes – not only domestic violence – but exposing children to that type of environment. We have had serious cases where children have been harmed, but we’ve also had cases where children were asleep up in their beds, and didn’t even know about the domestic violence but our clients were still charged with child endangerment. In those cases, we work very closely with our clients, not only to defend, but also to mitigate against the charges – to be able to show either that this will never happen again, or that the children were not harmed by the events, or that the incident itself cannot be proven and we may need to go to trial.

At the Johnson Criminal Law Group we represent many clients accused of domestic violence when their children were present or in the home. And those cases have not only resulted in criminal charges, but in dependency cases as well. What that means is that the not only does the client have to fight, or deal with the criminal case, and exposure to jail time and other punishments, but they also need to account for the fact that they exposed their child and put their child at risk as a result of that child being in the home during domestic violence. We represent many clients who both of these types of overlapping cases.

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