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Possession of Heroin in Anaheim

Heroin is an incredibly addictive and dangerous drug. The use of heroin has been increasing since 2007, especially by young adults, with the number of heroin disorders also on the rise. It is widely regarded as one of the most important drug use problems affecting our country today. When someone repeatedly uses heroin and they suddenly withdraw, there are a number of adverse effects that may occur, such as restlessness and vomiting. These symptoms and others like it may consistently occur months after. When severely addicted, consuming the drug may become their primary focus. The immediate short-term effects of the drug include a rush of pleasurable feelings accompanied by slower breathing, mental functions, and heart functions. Long term effects of heroin include an affected tolerance, meaning that the quantity of heroin needed to achieve the same “high” sensation will most likely rise. In addition, a deterioration of the brain may also occur. Clearly, heroin is an extremely dangerous drug and possession of it is taken very seriously.

In the state of California, and by extension in the city of Anaheim, heroin is considered to be a schedule I drug. This means that by law:

  • It is NOT considered to have any legitimate medical purpose or use, and
  • It is considered to have the potential for abuse

As such, possessing heroin is considered to be a serious offense. Additionally, using and trafficking heroin are also considered to be serious offenses and often attract harsher punishment than possession of heroin.

Whether or not you are a resident of California or a citizen of the United States, if you are arrested for possessing heroin, the different charges you will be facing are:

Defense against charges of heroin possession

Depending on the particular circumstances of your possession of heroin charge, there are several defense strategies that a defense attorney can use to defend your case. Some of the strategies that the attorney will explore include the following:

  • The heroin doesn’t belong to you because it belongs to someone else
  • You were caught in possession of heroin because the police asked you to be in possession of the heroin in relation to a heroin-related sting operation
  • The police conducted an illegal search and seizure operation according to California laws
  • The police fabricated evidence against you or forced a confession from you regarding the heroin possession.

There are definitely several other drug crime defense strategies that a competent defense attorney can explore. It is always a good idea to call the defense attorney sooner rather than later so that a strong strategy can be mounted in your defense, and ensure that your rights are protected.

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