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As a college town, Fullerton has its fair share of thefts. On some occasions, law enforcement officers charge those accused with robberies. The difference between theft and robbery is when the property taken from a person's possession has been accomplished by force or fear.This is a felony offense that can carry severe penalties, including many years in the state prison. If you’ve been charged with robbery, you’ll need the services of Orange County criminal defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson.

An experienced and reputable Fullerton robbery defense attorney like Lauren K. Johnson will tell you that in order to convict you of robbery, the prosecutor must first prove the following elements of the crime: (1) That you took property that didn't belong to you; (2) From another person's possession, or in their immediate presence; (3) Against their will; (4) By using force or threats; and (5) You intended to permanently deprive them of it, or for a significant period of time.

Regardless of the amount of money, or the value of the property, so long as each element is met, you can be charged with robbery. However, a well-seasoned Orange County robbery defense lawyer like Lauren K. Johnson knows these elements may be hard to prove. For example, if someone takes a pack of cigarettes without paying for them, and then a fight ensues with another customer, there can be no robbery, because no force or threat was used against the victim of the theft. Many times, the smallest details will make the difference between a charge of robbery versus petty theft.

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