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In the City of Fullerton, there are reports of juvenile abuse and neglect filed every day, and sometimes these reports can lead to criminal charges being filed. So even in the case of a juvenile dependency hearing, parents of an alleged abuse should be represented by an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney like Lauren K. Johnson.

Juvenile Dependency cases occur when there may be some evidence of abuse or neglect in a family. The job of the juvenile court is to protect children when abuse and neglect can be proven, but because the facts of a case are often inaccurate, sketchy or misconstrued, the parents of these children need to have their rights protected. If you’ve been accused of abuse or neglect, you should contact Fullerton juvenile dependency defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson right away at (949) 622-5522.

Most juvenile dependency cases begin after someone files a report or a complaint with either the police or a child protection agency. This could take place after a call from the hospital staff during a trip to the emergency room with your injured child; or it could just be from a neighbor who has contacted them. After a report has been filed, an investigation will take place to determine the facts of the alleged complaint. The sooner you contact the Johnson Criminal Law Group, the better your chances are of getting the facts straightened out and keeping your child in your home.

If you find that your child has been removed unfairly from your home before you’ve had the chance to call a lawyer, you’ll need to find one who has successfully earned a reputation in the Fullerton community as an outstanding advocate for her clients. Orange County juvenile dependency defense lawyer Lauren K. Johnson knows what it takes to prove to the court that you are acting in the best interests of your child, and to get your child back home.

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