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Fullerton Drug Defense Lawyer

Despite the fact that drug laws have been liberalized, California still has some of the harshest sentencing guidelines for drug offenses in the United States. Because Fullerton is the home to many university students, obtaining illegal drugs is often quite easy to do. However, having illegal drugs on your person, or in your house, or car, is defined as possession, and you can be arrested or cited for it. That's when you need to call Orange County criminal defense attorney Lauren K. Johnson at (949) 622-5522.

It's true that the possession of a small amount of most controlled substances is considered a misdemeanor under California law, but the possession of controlled substances for sale is often a felony. You must also avoid being in the possession of any drug paraphernalia, which may be treated much the same as drug possession.

Charges for possession and use of drugs

Some of the most common drugs that are used in the United States are Cocaine, Marijuana, LSD, Methamphetamine, heroin, and PCP. Possession or consumption of any of these drugs is illegal in California, and come with several severe penalties. Marijuana, however, is legalized to an extent in some states. If you are convicted, you could face a host of punishments, some of which are probation, hefty fines, and jail time. The penalties depend on several factors such as the type of the controlled substance, the amount one is found to be in possession of, whether a person a criminal record and if that person is on probation already.

Fullerton drug defense lawyer Lauren K. Johnson is always up-to-date on the current controlled substance possession laws and penalties, as well as enhancements, that can add years to one's sentence for things like: prior convictions, firearm possession at the time of arrest, and selling drugs to minors. She also knows that California also has several alternatives to incarceration for drug offenders. That is why you need an experienced and reputable Fullerton criminal drug defense attorney like Lauren K. Johnson, who has the expertise to handle your case with the utmost care.

If you are charged with a drug related offense, you could be eligible for drug treatment program, participate in drug counseling, and/or have random drug testing. In some instances, negotiated dispositions can include the possibility of having the case dismissed or reduced after undergoing six treatment and remaining arrest free. In fact, there are also diversion programs that are available to drug offenders.

Consult an Orange County criminal lawyer about your rights

An important element to consider in any drug case is how the controlled substanced was seized by the police. The laws for search and seizure are complex, and if there is an error in the collection of the evidence by the police, it may result in exclusive of the evidence with a motion to suppress. Ms. Johnson will also evaluate your defenses upon review of all of the facts of your case. One possible defense that criminal attorneys sometimes encounter is that the controlled substance did not actually belong to the suspect. Some facts may support an argument that the controlled substance was not the suspect’s, especially if they are found in a common or shared area like an apartment or car.

Regardless of the specific facts of your case, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer to help you make the best choices about your criminal matter. The Johnson Criminal Law Group has successfully earned a reputation as an outstanding advocate for clients. Ms. Johnson will defend your rights; so call today.

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