False Report of Emergency in Aliso Viejo

False Report of an Emergency PC 148.3 in Aliso Viejo

In the city Aliso Viejo and, more generally, in California, if you report an emergency knowing that the emergency is false, then you have committed a crime under California Penal Code 148.3 for the False Report of an Emergency. Additionally, if you cause an emergency report to be made, knowing that the emergency is false, you could be charged with a crime under PC 148.3.

In both cases above, the charges and penalties are aggravated if you know that the response to the emergency could cause death and/or great bodily injury.

According to PC 148.3(c), an emergency is a condition that might trigger or actually triggers;

  • An amber alert
  • A response from an emergency vehicle/vessel/aircraft or
  • The evacuation of a vehicle/vessel/aircraft, an area, structure, building or any other place

If you make a false report of a fire or trigger a fire alarm, then you can be charged under PC 148.4 (False Report of a Fire). An example of this may be yelling “Fire” inside of a movie theater.

Penalties for a PC 148.3 conviction

The prosecution can charge you with either a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending on the circumstances.

In general, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and if convicted, you will receive a penalty of up to 1-year in county jail. However, the judge can decide to grant you probation with little or no jail time.

If the ‘False Report of an Emergency’ leads to the death and/or great bodily injury of another person, then you could be charged with a felony. The penalties for a felony conviction include up to 3-years in state prison.

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