DUI Prior Convictions in Brea

In the state of California and by extension in the city of Brea, if you stand before a Court for a DUI charge or before the California Department of Motor Vehicles hearing, for a second or third charge within a period of 10 years, you are likely to face stiffer penalties for a conviction.

The 10-year period needs to be between one date of arrest for a DUI to the next DUI arrest and if not, then the previous DUI will not be considered relevant in the current DUI proceedings.

There are several DUI related convictions that count as priors. Some of them include:

  • DUI with injury
  • DUI alcohol
  • Alcohol involved reckless driving and so on
Punishment and Penalties for DUI Prior Offenses

DUI priors will often include the following penalties depending on previous violations and the circumstances of the current case. Penalties will include:

  • Acquiring an SR-22 and paying the necessary fines and fees in order to get the SR-22
  • License suspension and revocation
  • Obligatory drug and alcohol testing before license reinstatement and
  • Obligatory installation of an interlock device. The interlock device is a breathalyzer installed in a vehicle
  • Increased time in county or state jail
  • An increased fine and restitution amount

If you are arrested for a DUI, it is important that you find a competent attorney to defend your case. It is even more important if you have a prior DUI conviction, that you have an attorney by your side because you face even harsher penalties if you are convicted.

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