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DUI Expungement in Brea

When you have a DUI conviction, the information can be logged in two kinds of records. It can be logged in a DMV record and in a Criminal record. When you get a DUI expungement in Brea, you are effectively taking away the criminal record from the eyes of the general public.

In essence, the DUI expungement allows the criminal record to be deleted from public databases so that employers, landlords and anyone else who is not in law enforcement, is not able to find the criminal record concerning the DUI conviction.

Additionally, if you have a DUI conviction and manage to get a DUI expungement for it, you can swear under oath, without fear of committing perjury, that you have never been convicted of the DUI.

How do You Qualify for DUI Expungement?

Normally, you qualify for DUI expungement in Brea if the following conditions are met:

  • You haven't served any time in state prison
  • You have completed all the terms of your sentence including probation
  • You don’t have any pending criminal cases and you haven't committed a subsequent crime and
  • It has been at least one year since the date of your conviction

If any of these conditions have not been met, then you do not qualify for DUI expungement.

How to get a DUI expungement

If you are from the city of Brea and if you have a DUI conviction, it is imperative that you find an attorney who can help you go through the DUI expungement process. Doing it on your own is possible but it is very easy to make a mistake or miss an important nuance that can set you back and force you to still hire an attorney. Retaining an attorney who can get it right the first time is, therefore, the best option. Call our criminal law firm today to get the expungement process started.

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