DUI Expungements in Aliso Viejo

Did you know that a DUI record in Aliso Viejo can make it more difficult for you to find employment or even a place to live? If your employer or landlord performs a commercial background check on you and finds that you have a DUI record, they could choose not to employ you or offer you a place to live. Although there are immediate consequences of being convicted of a DUI, such as a suspended license and being put on probation, the long term effects of a DUI can have the potential to follow you through your criminal record wherever you go. There is however, a possible solution that could take away this kind of problem: a DUI expungement. Although a DUI expungement does not completely erase it from your record, an expungement can mean having an easier time to secure employment. After a DUI has been expunged, there is no longer a need to disclose this information to any prospective employers. If the employer does somehow find out, they cannot use that as a basis for deciding whether or not they will employ you, or if you are employed, they cannot hold it against you for promotions or firing. An expunged conviction cannot influence others in determining whether or not they will hire you with the exception of acquiring certain professional licenses.

DUI criminal records can be expunged

Depending on the circumstances of your DUI arrest, you could end up with one of two records:

  • A DMV record/driving record or
  • A Criminal record

If you have a DMV record, the DUI cannot be concealed or removed until 10 years have elapsed. However, after 10 years, the record is automatically removed.

On the other hand, if you have a DUI criminal record, the DUI will remain unless it is expunged through the court of law. In other words, you need to take action for your record to be cleared up.

Conditions for expungement

To successfully expunge your record from a DUI criminal conviction you must prove to the court that the expungement is in the interest of justice and that you meet certain requirements including:

  • You have completed your probation or waited at least one year if your sentence did not include probation
  • You must have been paid all fines and restitution
  • You must not be facing any other charges or be serving any other sentence

Typically the steps to getting a DUI expunged usually include filing a petition for dismissal of your case and proving that you have not committed any other criminal offenses.

If you want to highly increase your chances of getting an expungement, it is important that you find an attorney who is a specialist in DUI expungement. The attorney will help you navigate through all the hurdles ahead of you in getting your DUI expunged. If you meet the requirements and chose the right person to aid you with helping get your DUI expunged, and in most cases, your expungement can be granted.

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