Domestic Violence

In the State of California, domestic violence is a serious issue. There are laws that make it illegal to commit an assault or battery, to abuse, stalk or threaten any family member, ex-spouse or spouse, fiancé, cohabitant or domestic partner.

What are Some of the Consequences to Domestic Violence?

Over the years, the State of California has become very tough on those convicted of domestic violence. Some of the consequences can include a 52-week Batterer's Treatment Program, fines, fees, exposure to jail time as well as loss of employment.

What are the Defenses to Domestic Violence?

There are defenses to the charge of domestic violence. In some cases, domestic violence didn't occur at all or the alleged victim lodged a false allegation of domestic violence.

In other cases, the police may not have adequately investigated or able to prove there was domestic violence.

And, finally, in some cases, instead of it being domestic violence, really, a person is acting in self-defense.

What Happens During an Investigation of Domestic Violence?

A domestic violence investigation usually begins with a 911 call. Either a neighbor or the alleged victim might have called 911. The police will come out and do an investigation and they may take photographs of the alleged injuries and gather medical reports and other statements of the alleged victim as well as witnesses and the suspect.

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