Credit Card Fraud in Anaheim

If you have the fraudulent intent to use a debit/credit card, or an account number related to these cards, while in the city of Anaheim, then you can be charged with credit card fraud. Because of the recent increase in internet activity and online monetary relations, credit card malpractice and modern technology have been commonly intertwined. Many offenders have recently used electronic means to obtain personal credit card information illegally by hacking into data bases or simply stealing information, such as millions of personal accounts, with the intent to use it for personal gain. A common example of credit card fraud is application fraud. Application fraud occurs when people apply for a card with someone else’s name. They will do this by forging, altering, or stealing documents in order to support their false identity and operate around protective measures put in place to stop this kind of illegal activity.

The fraudulent intent, in this case, involves having the resolve to deceive another person or entity (e.g. a business establishment), and in so doing causing them a loss and gaining undeserved benefit in the process.

Credit card fraud violations

There are several laws that prohibit and punish credit card/debit card fraud. Some of the laws include the following:

  1. California Penal Code 484e punishes fraudulent possession of a credit card
  2. California Penal Code 484f punishes forging credit card information
  3. California Penal Code 484h punishes retailer credit card fraud
  4. California Penal Code 484i punishes the following:
    • Possessing an incomplete credit/debit card with the intent to complete it without the issuer's approval
    • Altering, modifying or changing any part of a debit/credit card with the intention to defraud
    • Allowing someone else to alter, modify or change a debit/credit card or
    • Sell or exchange credit/debit card making equipment knowing that the recipient of the equipment will make counterfeit debit/credit cards
  5. California Penal Code 484j punishes publishing any debit/credit card information with the intent to defraud

A possible defense for credit card fraud is that you are not the guilty offender. Because of the recent upsurge in the increasing amount of transactions that have not been occurring face to face, such as through the Internet, then it is common that a few mistakes may have occurred that had wrongfully led their investigation to you as the one committing the crime of credit card fraud, even if you did not. Another defense is that, like with check fraud and other types of fraud, that you possessed the consent of the alleged victim to perform certain actions. If there is existing evidence that you had their permission to do what you did, then that could be a defense for credit card fraud.

If you are charged with any of the above violations, you should find a credit card fraud attorney to fight your charges by mounting a strong defense for you. Doing so as soon as possible will give your attorney adequate time to prepare your defense.

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