In California, first-degree burglary is a serious charge. It is a felony strike, which means that under the three strikes law, you could potentially have a felony strike on your record. At third strike, or subsequent strike, could result an additional serious punishment and potentially a sentence of 25 (years) to life. It is very important to hire a great attorney to defend against charge of first-degree burglary. A first-degree burglary occurs when someone enters a dueling place or a home with the intent to commit a felony. Often we see individuals going into homes to steal and even if the property is of minimal value, they can still be charged with first-degree burglary. In some cases, if the home is occupied, meaning the residents are in that home, maybe asleep at night or otherwise in the property, there are additional enhancements that could be added on to the charge that exposes defendants to additional punishment

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