Accessory After the Fact (PC 32) in Anaheim

In the city of Anaheim, as in the state of California, the law states that there are two types of parties to a crime: the Principle and the Accessories.

The principles are the people that participate in the crime, whether before or after it has been committed. This, therefore, includes the main culprit of the crime as well as those who help the culprit through ‘aiding and abetting’ before the crime is committed. In essence, principles to the crime share ’criminal intent.’ Accessory charges can pile up very quickly. If you suspect someone is using you as an accessory (even if you don’t know whether they have committed a felony), your best option is to cease all communications with that person and get legal help right away.

The accessories to the crime are those that help the culprit after the crime has been committed. In essence, California law identifies the parties to a crime as being the culprits/perpetrators and accessories before the fact, who are the ‘principles,’ and the accessories after the fact.

Legal defenses to accessory after the fact

If you are charged with being an accessory after the fact, you need to call an attorney immediately because a conviction for the offense can lead to very serious felony charges. Most people who are accused of this crime are often trying to help their loved ones and have not been in trouble with the law before. Hiring the best criminal attorney, who understands the laws and the courts in the Anaheim area, can be of great help.

The attorney can actually prevent charges from being filed in the first place if you call for help either immediately after you are arrested or when you are about to be arrested. Some of the defense strategies the attorney will explore for your benefit may include:

  • You didn’t know about the felony
  • You were under duress
  • You were just a bystander or
  • There was no actual felony

There are of course several other defense strategies that the attorney can use depending on the specific circumstances of your case. If it is early in your case, your best option is to call our office now to begin sorting through all of the details of what you know about the crime in question. Our criminal defense attorneys will begin evaluating the evidence you present and strategizing to protect your rights and keep you from being charged.

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